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HP 41CX Emulator written by Warren Furlow (Release 7B).


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Update December 2011: There is an installation problem on Windows 7. We have repackage it into a simple zip file below. Open the zip file and drop the "V41" into any location. Then navigate into the "V41" folder and double click "V41.exe".

Updated On: 15.07.08

  1. On 29-May-2020, Klaus S wrote: 
    simply thank you
    Your reply to Klaus S

  2. On 29-Dec-2019, Dirk wrote: 
    I really *love* this great piece of software, enabling me -- an older electrical engineer -- to still use the favorite calculator of my students days!
    However, I wonder if there is any change to also add the great MATH module I had for my real HP41C in those days.
    Maybe you can advise.
    As I still have the working original HP41C + module "MATH I"; if you need any further info I can assist with, please let me know.
    Many thanks,
    Your reply to Dirk

  3. On 14-Sep-2019, Ron Madsen wrote: 
    Have used the great V41 for years - ending use now because on Windows 10, the emulator does not save the setting of the font. I turn off TrueType font because digits extend beyond right edge of display. When I re-invoke V41, it is back to using TrueType fonts again. I have been unable to fix this problem.
    Your reply to Ron Madsen
    • On 22-Nov-2019, Martin K. Sturzenegger replied: 
      I'm using V41R8 and install it in my user directory (C:\Users\marti\Progr\HP41R8) and it works in Win 10 (Options --> More Settings --> TTF off --> and it's still off)
      Your reply to Martin K. Sturzenegger

  4. On 14-Jul-2019, José R. Bueno wrote: 
    Dear Gentlemen.
    I am an engineer graduated in the last century and I do not like and I do not know how to use another calculator other than the HP 51X series. So I would like to express my sincere thanks for allowing me to download the emulator program from my inseparable HP51CX. Thank you very much.
    Best regards.
    José R. Bueno - São Paulo - Brazil
    Your reply to José R. Bueno

  5. On 10-Jul-2019, Celine wrote: 
    My kid somehow made my HP-41CX display in British mode (I guess). It uses a comma where in the U.S. we'd use a decimal point. How do I change this back to US format? It's driving me nuts. I'm a homeschool Mom and I use this calculator a lot.
    Your reply to Celine

  6. On 07-Jun-2018, TRAVERSE PRIME wrote: 
    Is there a way to download programs like the old insert chips?
    Your reply to TRAVERSE PRIME
    • On 12-Jul-2018, Duane replied: 
      Is this emulator compatible with Windows 10?
      Your reply to Duane
      • On 21-Jan-2019, Manuel Peñascoso replied: 
        I buy! Please say the price. (Reply)
        • On 21-Jan-2019, Anonymous replied: 
          This is a FREE emulator that can run on Microsoft Windows only,

  7. On 23-May-2018, Anonymous wrote: 
    Would love to have an HP41CV app for my Android tablet.
    Your reply to Anonymous

  8. On 14-Feb-2018, Odd Trondal wrote: 
    HP 41CX, fantastic program. I have an original without batteries.
    Your reply to Odd Trondal

  9. On 15-Jan-2018, Marcel wrote: 
    Super, vielen Dank, das war mein bester Rechner HP41, HB41c und HP41CX im Gymnasium und im Studium in den 80 Jahren. Brauche den heute immer noch nach bald 40 Jahren.
    Beste Grüsse aus St. Moritz und Zürich.
    Marcel Soppla
    Your reply to Marcel
    • On 26-Mar-2019, Anonymous replied: 
      I also used this calculator in back then!
      May I ask you for a favor:
      If you type the following sequence on the HP41:
      2000 Enter
      0.02 x
      What do you get?
      I thought that I remember that you get 2040 when you do this, however, using an emulator, this doesn't work. I am in discussion about this with James Thomson who wrote PCalc for iOs, which I use as my HP41 replacement (for simple calculations).
      Your answer would really help me.
      Your reply to Anonymous
      • On 23-Sep-2019, Patrick replied: 
        If you key in 2000 and hit Enter twice, then .02, x, +. You get 2040 on calculator or emulator. (Reply)

  10. On 31-May-2016, Clemens wrote: 
    Hello Warren Furlo,
    the simulator program HP-15C from Torsten Manz:
    has some nice possibilities:
    Via right mouse click on special parts of the calculator screen yoz get additional information:
    Right click into the display shows a "Tooltipp" with the contents of the stack (X,Y,Z,T and LASTx)
    Right click onto STO or RCL shows the contents of all registers R00 ... R19 and R(I)
    Right click onto GTO (in Run mode) shows the listing of the actual program
    Right click onto F? shows the status of all (10) flags
    Additionally: a right click into the display showing an error code gives additional explanation of the error cause.
    Is there a chance to implement such additional information into your emulator?
    Your reply to Clemens

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In reply to Celine, who on 10-Jul-2019 wrote:
My kid somehow made my HP-41CX display in British mode (I guess). It uses a comma where in the U.S. we'd use a decimal point. How do I change this back to US format? It's driving me nuts. I'm a homeschool Mom and I use this calculator a lot.