16 JAN 2020 Build 2.1.14425 Release Notes

Please back up your calculator before the update. Any existing data on the device may be wiped during the update process.

Primary focus of this release is upgrading the underlying build tools for all platforms (calculator hardware, windows, iOS, android, macOS). As such, there are few end user noticeable changes included. The goal here is to ensure that everything is ‘working just as before’ to make sure that no problems have been introduced as a result of said tool change.

New Functionality and Changes (Calculator Software)

  1. Updated CAS to latest 1.5 release.
  2. Corrected BREAK issue found on G2 hardware units only.
  3. Added ability to adjust screen refresh rate using [ON] + [SHIFT] + [+] or [-] key combo.
  4. ROUND and TRUNC functions work with unit objects.
  5. Graphing something like int(2*X,X,0,X) will now function as expected.