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HP 10bII+ Emulator

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  1. Hewlett-Packard Calculator Training Page -  emulator download site.
  2. ⇩ Download from Cached Archive (filesize 6MB) 201212.10 Build 19045

After installing the HP 10bII+ Emulator. Run Emulator from Start > Programs > HP Calculators > HP 10bII+ Virtual Calculator

To setup the emulator to use the least space on your notebook PC screen, right click on hp logo, uncheck "Hide TitleBar".

To exit Emulator, press [Gold Shift] [Off].

Updated On: 15.07.08

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  1. On 11-Jun-2017, wrote: 
    i wanna to download this calculater so any one can help me ?
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  2. On 11-Oct-2014, Liaw Saw Keong wrote: 
    a hp salesman can visit me so that i can recommend students to buy hp 10bll TARC UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. MY CONTACT 012 3991850
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  3. On 06-Jun-2014, LKB wrote: 
    In attempting to download your 10bii+ emulator, Norton 360 issued an unsafe file warning
    Your reply to LKB
    • On 11-Jan-2016, Anonymous replied: 
      This is due to the open executable for the emulator. The file is completely clean and free from any viruses or trojans
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In reply to, who on 11-Jun-2017 wrote:
i wanna to download this calculater so any one can help me ?


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