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HP 50g CAS Enabled RPN Engineering Calculator

Main differences between the new HP 50g and the HP 49g+ are:/im/dbedu/4fdffc498239d.jpeg

  • The back shell is textured to provide a better and more secure hand grip.
  • Easy on the eye with dark black for the body, and white, orange and yellow for the function shift keys.
  • Full equation library found in the earlier 48Gx Series.
  • Serial connection as well as the IrDA and USB ports.
  • New generation of keyboard, which has been redesigned for better feel and firmer entry.

A new more powerful HP 50g Graphing Calculators feature easy-to-use, powerful tools that students and professionals can rely on and trust for years of performance, including:

  • Powerful built-in graphing functions, constants and applications.
  • Built-in lessons and step-by-step problem solving.
  • The choice of efficient RPN, Textbook or Algebraic data entry.
  • User-friendly Computer Algebra System (CAS).
  • Massive memory with SD card slot (SD card sold separately), support both FAT and FAT32 File System format.
  • Flexible connectivity and communication options.
  • Large high-contrast display with adjustable font type and size (30% increase in usable space over the HP4x Series).
  • Large equation library and 2300+ built-in functions.
  • Isolate and Evaluate Sub-Expressions using the intelligent editor with cut, paste and copy objects.
  • Flexible IrDA (limited to 10 cm distance), Serial or USB connectivity.
  • Comes complete with cables and HP Graphing Calculator Connectivity Kit Software.

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Updated On: 18.10.02

  1. On 07-Jan-2021, Anonymous wrote: 

    Your reply to Anonymous

  2. On 31-May-2020, Oss wrote: 
    If I create 2 or more partitions of 1GB from an 8GB SDXC, is it see more memory?
    Your reply to Oss
    • On 01-Jun-2020, Anonymous replied: 
      Hi, I don't think so. You can try to format on a PC in FAT but probably can support up to 2GB. Good luck.
      Your reply to Anonymous

  3. On 22-Aug-2019, Garett wrote: 
    My fixed mode will only show the decimal places if there are values after the decimal place. Ie it will show a value of 500, instead of 500.0000, but if the value is 500.1, it will show it as 500.1000. I have tried to change the fixed mode value but it does not affect it. I would like all the decimals shown as place holders.
    This only happened after it was left on in my survey vest and buttons were pushed.
    Thank you for your help.
    Your reply to Garett

  4. On 09-Jun-2018, Chris wrote: 
    Hi my HP 50 wont turn on at all. where can I get it fixed also where can I buy another one ?
    Your reply to Chris

  5. On 02-Sep-2017, John Ferman wrote: 
    Does the 50 come with printed manuals, what kind of batteries are used, I have a 128 Kb card in my 48GX - is that passé. What are the prices, EduCalc sell.
    Your reply to John Ferman

  6. On 07-Mar-2017, Vincent wrote: 
    My 50G no longer graphs, what can I do?
    Your reply to Vincent

  7. On 22-Jan-2017, Marcio wrote: 
    how can I emulate a HP-50G to my PC.
    Your reply to Marcio

  8. On 14-Oct-2016, ED wrote: 
    Price of HP50G?
    Your reply to ED
    • On 21-Apr-2017, Mark replied: 
      New around US $90, used around $ 45. However it is hard to find new one.
      Your reply to Mark

  9. On 06-Aug-2015, Kamran wrote: 
    Hi, I've used the HP15C, HP48G, 49G, and now the HP50 and never had an issue with the keyboards until they were many years old. My HP50 is 1-day old and it regularly misses key presses when I type in figures at moderate speeds. I'm not typing in super fast, just at moderate speeds. I enabled the key click function, but that is so soft it's hard to tell if it beeped on every key click. This is critical to me as I get wrong answers if the HP50 misses key clicks. Is there any way to change the switch bounce timing or filter, or to speed up the CPU clock or something so that it might not miss so many key clicks?
    Your reply to Kamran
    • On 06-Aug-2015, Ron replied: 
      Yes, there is a key debounce function called keytime. Search web for Hp 50G keytime and you should get the information.
      Your reply to Ron

  10. On 12-Apr-2015, Tito wrote: 
    Your reply to Tito

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In reply to Anonymous, who on 01-Jun-2020 wrote:
Hi, I don't think so. You can try to format on a PC in FAT but probably can support up to 2GB. Good luck.


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