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Echoplex Marketing Services

37-2 Block D Plaza Sinar
Jalan 6/38D Taman Sri Sinar

Tel: 603-6280 3569
Fax: 603-6280 3679

Map of Plaza Sinar

Updated On: 12.09.18

  1. On 30-Jun-2017, Ang wrote: 
    Hi can I know how much is the price for financial calculator HP BII+?
    Your reply to Ang

  2. On 16-Aug-2015, Chow wrote: 
    Hi, is SHARP EL-738 financial calculator for sale in your shop?
    Your reply to Chow

  3. On 08-Jul-2012, Wong wrote: 
    Hi, May I know how much the price for HP Financial Calculator model HP 10bII ? Btw, what is your store working hour? Thanks
    Your reply to Wong
    • On 09-Jul-2012, KS TAY replied: 
      hi,Retail price is RM160.00/UNIT.
      you may call G2 Systems s/b KS TAY @019-3201461 or
      Echoplex marketing services MS Joann @ 012-2783718.
      For details arrangement.
      Your reply to KS TAY

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In reply to Ang, who on 30-Jun-2017 wrote:
Hi can I know how much is the price for financial calculator HP BII+?


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