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HP 15c Keyboard Layout and Key Features

15c Face

HP 15c Display:

1 Line LCD Display.
Number format: FIX, SCI, ENG.
Status Annunciators.

HP 15c Calculator Logic:

RPN Logic system.
4 Stack levels with Last x.
Storage Arithmetic (STO +, -, x, /) with recall Arithmetic.

HP 15c Calculator Math:

+, -, x, / , 1 / x, sq. root, x2, LOG x, 10x, LN x, ex, yx, pi, % , % change.
Integer truncation and Absolute value.
Trigonometric functions (SIN, COS etc.).
Hyperbolic trig. (SINH, COSH etc.).
3 of trig. modes (degrees, radians, grads).

HP 15c Advanced Math:

Solver / root finder.
Numeric integration.
Complex numbers.
Matrix operations.

HP 15c Statistical:

Mean, standard deviation (2 of variables).
Summation of n, x, x2.
Summation of n, x, x2, y.
Summation of n, x, x2, y, xy.
Summation of n, x, x2, y, y2, xy.
Random number generator.
Linear regression, estimate.
Correlation coefficient.
Factorial, Gamma, Combinations and permutations.
Polar / rectangular conversions.
Decimal hrs / hrs.min.sec. conversions.

HP 15c Memory and Programming:

RPN Programming language.
RAM / Max 67 of variables or addressable registers.
Max 448 of program steps with merged program steps capability.
Manual register / program memory allocation.
10 Flags, 12 Conditional tests, 7 Subroutine levels.
Indexed looping (increment by + / - 1, end at 0).
Indexed looping (choice of increment and end).
Multiple index / loop registers Loop only.
Global program label addressing.
Indirect / computed addressing and control.
Program step insert / delete.


Updated On: 13.09.15

  1. On 07-May-2019, Anonymous wrote: 
    the symbol "rad" appears when I press "g RAD" and the correct value of sin x or cos x display in the HP-15C but I don't Know why i can do the same with d degrees: nothing appears!! and the value of sin 90 is not giving me 1. What is this happening?? did I press a wrong key??
    Your reply to Anonymous

  2. On 03-Mar-2016, Ron wrote: 
    Hp released a LE (Limited Edition) Hp 15c a couple of years ago. Sadly, I do not hear of any more releases scheduled. However, you can buy a SwissMicro DM 15L (L=Large) that is an Hp 15c clone. This is the least costly way to acquire a near replica of the Hp 15c. Do NOT buy the credit card version as that version has mylar keys which does NOT compare to a real keyboard.
    SwissMicro also offers a DM 41 L (an Hp 41 in a Hp 15c type format). In a few months SwissMicro is planning to release a DM 42L which is based upon the Hp 42s calculator which was the replacement/upgrade to the earlier Hp 15c.
    Your reply to Ron

  3. On 03-Mar-2016, Jeff wrote: 
    Hey, any chance to buy a new HP-15C at this time of the century (2016)?
    Your reply to Jeff

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In reply to Jeff, who on 03-Mar-2016 wrote:
Hey, any chance to buy a new HP-15C at this time of the century (2016)?