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Why the HP50G is better than the TI89T

The biggest advantage is RPN. Writing out very complicated or tedious equations is almost foolproof. You cannot know until you experience it.

Another nice thing about 50G over the 89T is the functions and superfunctions on keys are MUCH easier to read than the 89Ts. On the 50G, the colors are white, yellow, and orange on a black background. The 89T uses light green, light blue, and silver on a grey background. The buttons on the HP are stiffer and feel sturdier than the 89Ts.

The screen on the HP has better contrast and it is much easier to read at an angle (like on a table next to your textbook) than the TI's. The TI tends to get garbled when viewing from much of an angle.

And the SD card slot! 2GB of memory!

The TI is a really great tool, which I can crank things out on.  The HP feels "cooler" and feels like an extension of myself.  RPN is very similar to how one thinks when solving a problem.  Also HP physical and software layout makes it seem more like a serious machine than the TI.

Updated On: 08.06.18

  1. On 23-Jan-2019, MathMaster wrote: 
    The HP-50G is much more professional than the Ti-89. Natively the HP has more complex libraries: Fourier transforms (even graphically), solving differential equations by Laplace transforms, Hessian matrix, Bessel function, etc. And it incorporates the powerful (user & system) RPL language. In the medium and long term, the HP-50G is a more valuable calculator.
    Oh, yes, the learning curve of the Ti-89 is not that steep, which is very useful if you live in Sesame Street.
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  2. On 25-Oct-2015, Baranosiu wrote: 
    Why HP50g is better? Just try this step by step:
    1) Enter into equation writer (oragne shift and letter O)
    2) Type MINEISBETTER (capitals)
    3) Select all (cursor up)
    4) Simplify equation (F6)
    5) Enjoy! :D
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  3. On 10-May-2015, Anonymous wrote: 
    Ti for students who hate math, 50 for people who
    need best tools to work with. Look at Kraig, no HP, on it!!
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  4. On 17-Feb-2015, Pavane wrote: 
    Kind of ironic that the advantage of easier to read keys on the HP-50g is one of the biggest disadvantages on the new HP-Prime which, for me, has the worst color scheme ever in terms of readability.
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  5. On 14-Jul-2014, Thomas Adkins wrote: 
    I would say that the TI89 has a very polished and quick-to-use interface. It actually excels the HP-50 if you only have a week to use the calculator. If you have two weeks, or if you have someone to show you how to do things on the HP-50, it's a tie. But if you are going to use the calculators for more than a month, there is no way for algebraic notation users (i.e., the TI-89) to keep up. RPN on the HP is so smooth that I cannot really imagine someone keeping it on algebraic mode once the try the RPN a few times. Additionally, the HP has more sophisticated routines, with one notable exception: the TI-89 has a really nice graphing interface with a reasonable differential equation plotter for ODEs. I have always lamented that nobody ever produced a similar interface for the HP, and even if they did, the TI does it straight out of the box, whereas the HP user has to download and install the library (not easy for a brand-new user trying to learn the calculator from scratch). 2 best calcs in the world!
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  6. On 04-Mar-2013, Bart wrote: 
    And I will say that when I bought my TI-89 and tried to connect it to my mac and after hours of research I found out it hadn’t worked or been supported for 2 years (past OSX 10.6.5). Piece of crap anyway since the screen is pretty like looking through a glass of mud. Bought an n-spire cx CAS and while i’m sure it works great in a classroom setting its basically a toy to try and use compared to pretty much everything that has come before it. E.G. Its not something your going to buy as a tool for your day job. I do love my hp50g though and as has been mentioned hpconnect works great to connect it to a Mac.
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