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hp 6s

hp 30s

hp 20s

Battery TypeSolar 2 x LR443 x LR44
Display1 line x 10 char. LCD7x5 dot matrix, 2 lines1 line x 12 char. LCD
Memory- RAM/ROM3 + statistics registers10 memory registersn/a
Sample Std deviation/ mean/ weighted meanStandard deviation and Mean onlyNon/a
Forecasting, correlation coefficientn/an/aNo
Built-in functionsOver 66Over 66Over 150
Customization MethodNoneNoneKeystroke
Clock, calendar, appointments and alarmsNon/aNo
Statistical analysis1 Variable CumulativeYesCumulative
Base conversions and arithmeticYesNoYes
Bit, Boolean operationsYesNoNo
Linear regression, combinations, permutations


SUM x, SUM x 2, SUM y, SUM y 2, SUM xyX variables onlyNoYes
Trig., Hyperbolics, HPSolve (root finder)Trig., Hyper onlyYesTrig., Hyper only
Unit conversionsNoYesYes

Updated On: 13.03.23

  1. On 29-Aug-2020, Ron Goodman wrote: 
    Do you have any info on the 34C ?
    Your reply to Ron Goodman

  2. On 14-Jun-2019, Anonymous wrote: 
    I bought myself a spare HP 20S in case of my 30 year old 20S stops working. By far the best calculator I ever have come across in my lifetime of 47 years.
    Your reply to Anonymous

  3. On 28-Aug-2013, Ron wrote: 
    The information provided for the Hp 20s is pure BS. It is a far more capable calculator than the Hp 6s or Hp 30s (not the Hp 30b, which is the newest and more capable). Nearly every column in the Hp 20s comparison is WRONG. The Hp 20s has all of the features of the two other calculators and is programmable as well (admittedly, only 99 steps).
    Your reply to Ron

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In reply to Ron Goodman, who on 29-Aug-2020 wrote:
Do you have any info on the 34C ?


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