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hp 10bII - Linear Regression

Correcting Two-Variable Data.

Here is the raw data:

Week / Minutes of Advertising (x-values) / Sales (y-values)

1 / 2 / $1,400
2 / 1 / $920
3 / 3 / $1,100
4 / 5 / $2,265
5 / 5 / $2,890
6 / 4 / $2,200

This is the keystrokes used to enter the data into the HP 10bII Calculator:

Correlation can be calculated with the Yellow shift x,r key followed by SWAP key. In this example it is 0.89953 (if set to 5 decimal places)

And covariance of x and y can be defined as:

cov xy = correlation* sigma(x) * sigma(y).

Here is the keystrokes to get sigma(x) and then sigma (y):

In this example, we have:

Sigma(x) = 1.63299

Sigma(y) = 773.12623

Covariance = 0.89953 x 1.63299 x 773.12623 = 1,135.66447


The correlation is one of the most common and most useful statistics. A correlation is a single number that describes the degree of relationship between two variables.

Covariance is a statistical measure of correlation of the fluctuations of two different quantities.

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    For anyone struggling to find the
    Sigma x = 1.63299
    Sigma y = 773.12623
    They show the wrong button here - its not oxoy its the sxsy button ( ie the population standard deviation is shown but sample standard deviation is calculated )
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