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HP Calc Probes : HP SS Fourier Heart Rate Probe

The Exercise Heart Rate Sensor is ideal for determining the heart rate of active people by measuring the heart rate before, during and after exercise. The sensor is comprised of a wireless transmitter belt and a Pulse Receiver module that plugs into the data logger. Similar to the EKG, the Exercise Heart Rate Sensor, specifically the transmitter belt, senses the electrical signals generated by the heart. Every heart beat sends an electrical signal to the Receiver module, enabling the heart rate to be determined.

HP SS Fourier Respiration Spirometer Probe

HP SS Fourier Force Probe

HP SS Fourier Magnetic Field Probe

HP SS Fourier Light Probe

HP SS Fourier Heart Rate Probe

HP SS Fourier Pressure Probes

HP SS Fourier Basic Temperature Probe

HP SS Fourier Voltage Probe

These HP SS 410 Fourier Probes will read the environment and stream incoming data to the Calculator.

Updated On: 18.06.11

  1. On 31-May-2018, Silvano Bozzo wrote: 
    Hi. Are the Fourier probes currentoly available ? How much is the related price ?
    Thanks for reply.
    Silvano Bozzo
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  2. On 14-Mar-2013, Artur Mario Jr wrote: 
    Please, do you have the price for Fourier probes?
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    • On 28-Mar-2014, Silvio Fernandez replied: 
      Hi, I'm interested about the streamsmart 410 and the voltage probe. Can you tell me where can i buy these devices ?
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