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Excel-Bytes Memory Systems

Block 806 Hougang Central
Singapore 530806

Telephone 6385 3387
Fax 6385 0180

5 minutes walk from Hougang MRT Station.

Operating Hours:
12pm to 9pm (Monday to Sunday)

Map of Hougang Central

Updated On: 06.04.04

  1. On 27-Feb-2015, Ron wrote: 
    Not sure, but suggest you look for the original Hp 10B. It is far superior in build quality to the Hp 10Bii or the Hp 10Bii+. Has a few less features (stats, I think) than the Hp 10Bii that you mention. The Hp 10Bii+ also has trig and even more stat functions. If you are going to buy something hard to find, might as well buy the one worth getting. The Hp 10B is not considered a classic or anything so you should be able to find at a fair price.
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  2. On 12-Feb-2015, Matthew wrote: 
    I want to inquire on the price and how to get the old model HP 10BII Financial Calculator. I live in Sri Lanka
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