HP Solve - HP Exclusive Technology

HP Solve is an interactive equation-solving system which allows the user to customize the calculator.

More simply, HP Solve lets you store equations that you enter, then creates menus for those equations. You can then use those menus to perform calculations in the same manner as many of the built-in menus.

How does HP Solve work ?

In HP Solve, the user types in an equation that describes a particular problem using names of the user’s choice, traditional algebraic operators, and any of the calculator’s built-in set of advanced mathematical functions and conditionals. Several equations can be entered, each with several variables - the number only limited by available memory. At the press of a key, the equation is interpreted, and the variable names extracted and used to label the softkeys at the bottom of the display. The user then keys in values for all but one of the variables, then presses the key corresponding to the unknown variable to solve for it.

Where can HP Solve technology be found?

HP Calculators have the HP Solve feature: HP 17bII+, HP 33s, HP 39g+, HP 39gs, HP 40gs, HP 48gII, HP 49g+, HP 50g.