HP 12cP
HP 12c Platinum

ideal for Chartered Financial Analyst CFA ® Examinations

HP 10bII+

best companion for Finance Undergrads and MBA Students

HP Prime Graphing

perfect for International Baccalaureat "IB" Examinations

Warranty Registration

Where to buy a HP Calculator?
KL, Manila, or Singapore

What's inside a HP Prime Box?

With each HP Prime Graphing Calculator, it comes with… The Prime Graphing Calculator with slide-in-place hard protective cover. A 60 page Quick Start Guide. Two Micro-USB Cables (PC-to-Unit, Unit-to-Unit). A 100-240V Power Adapter with assorted inter-changeable Power Plug. A CD-ROM containing: Microsoft Windows based Prime Connectivity Kit and Virtual Calculator (Prime Emulator) for PC; Concise HP Prime Users Guide (Operation Manual) in multiple languages. Gross weight approximately 700 grams per box (Calculator with Battery = 250 grams, USB Cables and Power Adapter = 300 grams)

HP Prime Manual

HP Prime Manual Download PDF from Cached Archive (file size 8MB) October 2014 Edition Download PDF from Cached Archive (file size 5MB) July 2013 Edition Contents of HP Prime Manual HP Prime Graphing Calculator User Guide 1 Getting started with HP Prime Before starting On/off, cancel operations The display Sections of the display Navigation Touch gestures The keyboard Context-sensitive menu Entry and edit keys Shift keys Adding text Math keys


HP Prime Emulator

HP Prime Emulator for Windows PC Download Options: Download (56MB) 2021.06.09 * latest Older Versions: Download from Cached Archive (50MB) 2018.02.12 Download from Cached Archive (128MB) 2016.08.29 Download from Cached Archive (95MB) 2014.12.03 Download from Cached Archive (73MB) 2013.11.25 After installing the HP Prime Emulator. Run Emulator from Start > Programs > HP Calculators > HP Prime Calculator. Screen shot of the HP Prime Emulator with ‘compact skin’ on a 1024 x 768 display.


HP 35s Manual

HP35SThis Owner’s Handbook is intended to help you get the most out of your investment in your HP 35s Scientific Calculator. Download PDF Quick Start - File Size = 1 MB Download PDF User Guide - File Size = 4 MB

HP Prime Connectivity Kit

You can use the HP Prime Connectivity Kit to upgrade the software on a HP Prime Calculator download Apps from the web, share programs with friends and much more… Download Connectivity Kit for Microsoft Windows PC: ⇩ Download (Filesize 43MB) 2021.06.09 Older Versions: ⇩ Download from Cached Archive (Filesize 29MB) 2014.12.03 ⇩ Download from Cached Archive (Filesize 25MB) 2013.11.25 Note: HP Prime PC Connectivity Kit only works on computer running Windows XP or Windows 7/8/10 Operating System.


HP Prime ROM Update

Step-by-step to upgrading your HP Prime ROM Procedure to update Bootloader and Firmware Download any of the following options: Download from Cache Archive (filesize 21 MB) 2020.01.16 Download from Cache Archive (filesize 18 MB) 2018.02.12 Download from Cache Archive (filesize 17 MB) 2017.07.10 Download from Cache Archive (filesize 9 MB) 2016.08.29 Download from Cache Archive (filesize 11 MB) 2015.06.17 Download from Cache Archive (filesize 12 MB) 2014.12.03 Download from Cache Archive (filesize 18 MB) 2014.

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