HP Prime Manual

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Contents of HP Prime Manual

HP Prime Graphing Calculator User Guide

1 Getting started with HP Prime

Before starting

On/off, cancel operations

The display

Sections of the display


Touch gestures

The keyboard

Context-sensitive menu

Entry and edit keys

Shift keys

Adding text

Math keys


Toolbox menus

Input forms

System-wide settings

Home settings

Specifying a Home setting

Mathematical calculations

Choosing an entry type

Entering expressions

Reusing previous expressions and results

Storing a value in a variable

Complex numbers

Sharing data

Online Help

2 Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) on HP Prime

History in RPN mode

Sample calculations

Manipulating the stack

3 Computer algebra system (CAS) on HP Prime

CAS view

CAS calculations


4 Exam Mode on HP Prime

Modifying the default configuration

Creating a new configuration

Activating Exam Mode

Cancelling exam mode

Modifying configurations

To change a configuration

To return to the default configuration

Deleting configurations

5 An introduction to HP apps on HP Prime

Application Library

App views

Symbolic view

Symbolic Setup view

Plot view

Plot Setup view

Numeric view

Numeric Setup view

Quick example

Common operations in Symbolic view

Symbolic view: Summary of menu buttons

Common operations in Symbolic Setup view

Common operations in Plot view



Plot view: Summary of menu buttons

Common operations in Plot Setup view

Configure Plot view

Common operations in Numeric view



Custom tables

Numeric view: Summary of menu buttons

Common operations in Numeric Setup view

Combining Plot and Numeric Views

Adding a note to an app

Creating an app

App functions and variables

6 Function app on HP Prime

Getting started with the Function app

Analyzing functions

The Function Variables

Summary of FCN operations

7 Advanced Graphing app

Getting started with the Advanced Graphing app

Plot Gallery

Exploring a plot from the Plot Gallery

8 Geometry on HP Prime

Getting started with the Geometry app

Plot view in detail

Plot Setup view

Symbolic view in detail

Symbolic Setup view

Numeric view in detail

Geometric objects

Geometric transformations

Geometry functions and commands

Symbolic view: Cmds menu

Numeric view: Cmds menu

Other Geometry functions

9 Spreadsheet on HP Prime

Getting started with the Spreadsheet app

Basic operations

Navigation, selection and gestures

Cell references

Cell naming

Entering content

Copy and paste

External references

Referencing variables

Using the CAS in spreadsheet calculations

Buttons and keys

Formatting options

Spreadsheet functions

10 Statistics 1Var app on HP Prime

Getting started with the Statistics 1Var app

Entering and editing statistical data

Computed statistics


Plot types

Setting up the plot (Plot Setup view)

Exploring the graph

11 Statistics 2Var app on HP Prime

Getting started with the Statistics 2Var app

Entering and editing statistical data

Numeric view menu items

Defining a regression model

Computed statistics

Plotting statistical data

Plot view: menu items

Plot setup

Predicting values

Troubleshooting a plot

12 Inference app on HP Prime

Getting started with the Inference app

Importing statistics

Hypothesis tests

One-Sample Z-Test

Two-Sample Z-Test

One-Proportion Z-Test

Two-Proportion Z-Test

One-Sample T-Test

Two-Sample T-Test

Confidence intervals

One-Sample Z-Interval

Two-Sample Z-Interval

One-Proportion Z-Interval

Two-Proportion Z-Interval

One-Sample T-Interval

Two-Sample T-Interval

13 Solve app on HP Prime

Getting started with the Solve app

One equation

Several equations


Solution information

14 Linear Solver app on HP Prime

Getting started with the Linear Solver app

Menu items

15 Parametric app on HP Prime

Getting started with the Parametric app

16 Polar app on HP Prime

Getting started with the Polar app

17 Sequence app on HP Prime

Getting started with the Sequence app

Another example: Explicitly-defined sequences

18 Finance app on HP Prime

Getting Started with the Finance app

Time value of money (TVM)

TVM calculations: Another example

Calculating amortizations

19 Triangle Solver app on HP Prime

Getting started with the Triangle Solver app

Choosing triangle types

Special cases

20 The Explorer apps on HP Prime

Linear Explorer app

Quadratic Explorer app

Trig Explorer app

21 Functions and commands on HP Prime

Keyboard functions

Math menu









CAS menu








App menu

Function app functions

Solve app functions

Spreadsheet app functions

Statistics 1Var app functions

Statistics 2Var app functions

Inference app functions

Finance app functions

Linear Solver app functions

Triangle Solver app functions

Linear Explorer functions

Quadratic Explorer functions

Common app functions

Ctlg menu

Creating your own functions

22 Variables on HP Prime

Qualifying variables

Home variables

App variables

Function app variables

Geometry app variables

Spreadsheet app variables

Solve app variables

Advanced Graphing app variables

Statistics 1Var app variables

Statistics 2Var app variables

Inference app variables

Parametric app variables

Polar app variables

Finance app variables

Linear Solver app variables

Triangle Solver app variables

Linear Explorer app variables

Quadratic Explorer app variables

Trig Explorer app variables

Sequence app variables

23 Units and constants on HP Prime


Unit calculations

Unit tools

Physical constants

List of constants

24 Lists on HP Prime

Create a list in the List Catalog

The List Editor

Deleting lists

Lists in Home view

List functions

Finding statistical values for lists

25 Matrices on HP Prime

Creating and storing matrices

Working with matrices

Matrix arithmetic

Solving systems of linear equations

Matrix functions and commands

Matrix functions


26 Notes and Info on HP Prime

The Note Catalog

The Note Editor

27 Programming in HP PPL on HP Prime

The Program Catalog

Creating a new program

The Program Editor

The HP Prime programming language

The User Keyboard: Customizing key presses

App programs

Program commands

Commands under the Tmplt menu






Commands under the Cmds menu




App Functions




Variables and Programs

28 Basic integer arithmetic on HP Prime

The default base

Changing the default base

Examples of integer arithmetic

Integer manipulation

Base functions

A Glossary of HP Prime

B Troubleshooting a HP Prime

Calculator not responding

To reset

If the calculator does not turn on

Operating limits

Status messages

C Product regulatory information of HP Prime

Federal Communications Commission notice

European Union Regulatory Notice