HP 12cP
HP 12c Platinum

ideal for Chartered Financial Analyst CFA ® Examinations

HP 10bII+

best companion for Finance Undergrads and MBA Students

HP Prime Graphing

perfect for International Baccalaureat "IB" Examinations

Warranty Registration

Where to buy a HP Calculator?
KL, Manila, or Singapore

HP Prime Wireless Kit

Ideal for classroom interaction between a teacher’s PC and up to 30 HP Prime Graphing Calculators. HP Prime Wireless Kit key features: Distribution of content between HP Prime Graphing Calculator with wireless module and PC with antenna. Formative assessment via quizzes or polls. Exam mode configuration. Calculator screen monitoring. Student requests can be submitted. Note: By design, no distribution of content between calculator and calculator over wireless. Transferring of data between calculators can only be done by connecting the two calculators with a unit-to-unit cable.


HP Prime ROM 2014.03.31

This update added new functionality to the HP Prime Calculator software: Improved touch support throughout system. This includes pinch to zoom support in graphing applications, and kinetic scrolling. Pressing HELP in an open command line will attempt to find the name of a command based on the prior input up to the cursor position to display system help for that command. Includes Edition 2 of the on calculator help files (English only in this release).


HP 39gII Firmware Version

Press ON & F4 (push ON let it push and F4). It will display the version on the top row of the HP 39gII Diagnostic Screen. For example: Version 30/Oct/2013 Rev 19148 Version 04/Sep/2012 Rev: 17818 Note: Firmware Update comes together with HP 39gII Connectivity Kit. Soft Reset (does not clear memory, App parameters and program codes) Press ON & F3 Hard Reset (clear all memory and program instructions) Press ON & F1 & F6

HP Prime with StreamSmart 410

The Mobile Calculating Lab (MCL) is an affordable classroom solution. Working alone or in groups, students can conduct hands-on math and science experiments that stream results in real time. Real time data streaming enables students to connect concrete experiences directly to abstract math and science concepts. For example, using the microphone sensor in the MCL kit, students can see their sound waves displayed on the calculator screen as they speak into the microphone.


Connectivity Kit for Windows

HP Connectivity allows HP Calculators to connect to Microsoft-based PC Desktops or Notebooks. Once the link is established, Apps and files can transfer to and back between the two devices.

An Introduction to HP Prime

Introduction by GT Springer. Download PDF File - File Size = 438 KB HP Prime has three design principles: Provide a high degree of mathematical fidelity across multiple mathematical representations Give students the interactive experiences with technology that they have come to expect Deliver a simple and seamless experience for mathematical exploration and problem-solving HP Apps are designed to explore mathematical topics or solve problems. All HP Apps have a similar structure, with numeric, graphic and symbolic views to make them easy to learn and easy to use.


HP Prime Diagnostic Mode

To put the Prime in diagnostic mode, press F C O keys all at the same time while doing a pin reset to back of the unit. It should display the ‘EA656 DIAGNOSTIC’ Screen Menu. HP Prime reset to factory settings - Press 4 (FLS Utility), and then press 3 (Format Disk C). This clears out the flash. Once finished, press ESC to back out into the main menu. From there press 9 (RESET).


HP Prime ROM 2013.11.25

2013.11.25 Build 5447 Release Notes Removed unused “Method” variable in advanced graphed. Resolved issue with OTHER box display in help catalog. Resolved issue with Gamma function in degrees mode. Resolved problem with WAIT(0) on PC emulator and PC keyboard. Resolved issue with cursor position in CAS while using |x| template. Resolved problem with INPUT help line not adding a space before variable name. Resolved potential problem while editing function inside advanced graphed plot view.

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