This update added new functionality to the HP Prime Calculator software:

  1. Improved touch support throughout system. This includes pinch to zoom support in graphing applications, and kinetic scrolling.
  2. Pressing HELP in an open command line will attempt to find the name of a command based on the prior input up to the cursor position to display system help for that command.
  3. Includes Edition 2 of the on calculator help files (English only in this release).
  4. Greatly enhanced robustness and capability of the Statistics 2Var logistic fit.
  5. Wireless support for capable units turned on. Wireless icon will appear in the right top corner menu for units that can support the HP Prime Wireless Kit.
  6. Calculator unit-to-unit communications has now been enabled on units that can support it.
  7. Numerical values now can be displayed with digit groupings. Examples include: 1,234.567 1 234.567 and 1'234,567
  8. Two new numerical display formats have been introduced. These are “floating” which only displays up to a specified number of digits, and “rounded” which is similar to the “fixed” format except trailing zeros are suppressed.
  9. Decimal fractions now appear with a zero, as in 0.25.
  10. Vectors are now displayed as a single line object until they become a matrix. This aids in distinguishing vectors and matrices.
  11. User selectable first day of week setting for use through the system.
  12. First boot unlock and settings wizard. User will be asked to confirm language selection and some initial settings.
  13. Inference application now can do Chi-Square calculations and Linear Regression T calculations.
  14. Geometry application has been completely redone and is much faster, consistent, and capable than before.
  15. Enhanced color pickers allow a greater range of color selection.
  16. Pressing ENTER will now open chooser in a dialog or toggle checkbox.
  17. Enhanced unit object display to ensure a more standard form with complex units.
  18. TRIANGLE, FILLPOLY and LINE commands can now draw multiple objects in a consistent way with each other. Useful for very complicated 3D drawing in user programs.
  19. INPUT command can now create multi-page dialogs and contain choose boxes, check boxes and grouped check boxes. It can also allow specific item types and gives control of parsing behavior for input. It also supports size and position control.

The update also resolved the following issues:

More fixes of CAS functions: