2013.11.25 Build 5447 Release Notes

Removed unused “Method” variable in advanced graphed.

Resolved issue with OTHER box display in help catalog.

Resolved issue with Gamma function in degrees mode.

Resolved problem with WAIT(0) on PC emulator and PC keyboard.

Resolved issue with cursor position in CAS while using |x| template.

Resolved problem with INPUT help line not adding a space before variable name.

Resolved potential problem while editing function inside advanced graphed plot view.

Changed EDITLIST and EDITMAT to work with user defined variables.

Resolved issue with unit not waking after USB connection.

Resolved issue with Base menu key not working in RPN mode.

Resolved issues with running spreadsheet in RPN mode.

In RPN mode, symb screen and dialogs will now add ’ ‘automatically if symbolic input is required.

Assorted improvements and corrections in on-calc help.

Pressing ENTER will now open chooser in a dialog, or toggle checkbox.

Improved memory use when calling a CAS function with local variables inside a user program.

Added calendar in corner popup. Click on battery, then time to access.

Resolved issue with list editor and larger items.

Resolved issue with entering a complex number into a real matrix in the matrix editor.

Increased terminal character count limit.

Help in data streamer views now linked to on-calc help entry.

Pressing HELP in chars, templates, and math character menu now linked to on-calc help.

Improved fraction toggle with complex numbers.

Improved note sending to multiple units.

Resolved issue where formatting was lost in app info screen.

Integrals such as sin(x)*ln(x) return results using special integral functions Si(x) and Ci(x).

Improved display of units with very high powers.

Removed limit on numerical SIGMA function.

Resolved issue where START app customization function did not always run on application start.

Pasting in a very large piece of text could sometimes cause the emulator to crash.

“Connect To” menu added in emulator allowing user to specify which device will receive communication links.

Added Si and Ei into help tree.

Exported variables not always initialized in some cases.

“1234”[n] now works to access a specific character in a string with no memory copy.

Matrix declarations in programs allow local variable usage.

MAKEMAT now works with complex matrices.

Ans(n) to get access to prior results.

WAIT(-1) will also be interruptible by a screen touch event.

Added display of remaining time in exam mode to exam password screen.

Many improvements and enhancements to CAS.

Resolved issue with list/matrix editor and larger items. Improved conversion from real to a complex numerical matrix inside editor.

Added new graphical commands FILLPOLY and TRIANGLE.

Added INTERSECT and DIFFERENCE list commands.

Improved drawing of F1-F0 items in CAS view.

Fixed issue with STARTVIEW not causing redraw in some situations.

Added numerical .+ and .- commands.

Changed matrix limit to 20000 items, and list limit to 10000 items.

Resolved issue with SHIFT-UP/DOWN in the symb screen.

Resolved issues with user app programs.

Resolved issue with using ? in the CAS screen.

Renamed finance PMTV variable to more standard PMT naming.

Using “to” in solver could conflict with built in command word.

Added ability to specify start of row/column header in spreadsheet from a program.

Resolved issue with string REPLACE command.

Resolved issue with DMS values not having ’ or " for some numbers.

Improved memory use while calling function app AREA command.

Improved IFERR to work when no ELSE clause defined.

Improved the templates and entry of matrices to support use of (,) decimal mode.

Resolved issue where a user program that brings up the terminal could cause a crash in the program catalog.

Improved memory use in deeply recursive user functions.

Updated units to use NIST2010 values. Units now also show in menu when VALUE is not selected.

Resolved issue with MKSA and _mol unit.

Improved rendering of characters on hardware. Improved J character.

Resolved issue where having more then 10 arguments did not have enough boxes in DEBUG/RUN dialogs.

Resolved issues with ITERATE command.

Resolved issue where program arguments >16 did not error with CHECK.

Resolved issue with exact(1e14) not returning correct value.

Resolved issue with CASE having more then 126 levels.

Resolved issue where the CAS would create strange variables such as x*y.

Resolved issue with many apps disabled using exam mode, the APPS screen could draw strangely.

Disabled ability to move app position while in exam mode.

Resolved issue in RPN mode, which prevented entry of a complex in the 1i-1 form.

Resolved issue where USIMPLIFY did not handle case where all units cancelled.

Resolved issue where diff command in graphed could cause a crash.

Resolved situation where pressing APPS could crash the calculator.