HP Prime Emulator for Windows PC

Download Options:

  1. Download (56MB) 2021.06.09 * latest

Older Versions:

  1. Download from Cached Archive (50MB) 2018.02.12
  2. Download from Cached Archive (128MB) 2016.08.29
  3. Download from Cached Archive (95MB) 2014.12.03
  4. Download from Cached Archive (73MB) 2013.11.25

After installing the HP Prime Emulator. Run Emulator from Start > Programs > HP Calculators > HP Prime Calculator.

Screen shot of the HP Prime Emulator with ‘compact skin’ on a 1024 x 768 display.

Version 2014.03.31 Build 6031 of HP Prime Emulator has option for ‘horizontal skin’ which is ideal for PC with smaller display.

To check version, click on the menu bar. Select Help and choose About. Or on the virtual calculator, press the {Help} Button and touch the ‘Tree’ on the bottom right of the screen then touch ‘About HP Prime’.

To setup the emulator to use the least space on your notebook PC screen, on the calculator menu and select ‘Hide TitleBar’.

To close the emulator, right click on emulator window HP Logo,select ‘Calculator’ menu and choose ‘Exit’.