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HP Calculator Model 
Battery Name
Common P/N 
Discontinued models 
HP10bII, HP12c, HP12cPlatinum, HP17bII+, HP35s
2 x 3-volt CR2032
Duracell DL 2032 Panasonic CR2032
HP10s+, HP300s+
2 x 1.5-volt LR44
Panasonic LR44
Duracell PX76A / 675A
Alkaline GPA76
8s, 9s, 9g, 10s, 11c, 15c, 16c, 17b, 32s, 42s
HP50g4 x 1.5-volt AAA
1 x 3-volt CR2032
Duracell MN2400
Panasonic AM4
39gs, 40gs, 48gII

  3 x 1.5-volt AAA
1 x 3-volt CR2032
Duracell MN2400 Panasonic AM4 38g, 39g, 39g+, 48s, 48sx, 48g, 49g, 49g+
3 x 1.5-volt button-cellDuracell MN24006s, 10b,11c, 12C (older model), 15c, 16c,  17b, 32s, 32sii, 42s

3 x 1.5-volt
Duracell MN9100 Panasonic AM5
19b, 19bii, 28c, 28s.
1 x 3-volt CR2016
Duracell DL2016 Panasonic CR2016
128 Kb RAM card HP 82215A, 1 MB RAM card HP82216A.

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