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HP 12c Gold RPN Financial Calculator

The HP 12c Gold Financial Calculator which will serve you well in all finance courses. Actually, its very easy if you already know RPN (reverse polish notation -- a much better way to enter data into a calculator than the algebraic method that you are probably familiar with). What makes the HP 12c the industry standard in financial calculators - Power. It has 120 built-in functions to ensure that the calculations you need are available when you need them.

Here are some of its features:

  • The fast and efficient processor that offer low-power consumption per calculation.
  • Allows 20 different cash flows for internal rate of return and net present value solutions.
  • RPN (Reverse Polish Notation). Enter data quickly and perform calculations efficiently
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Small, convenient size
  • Keystroke programming.
  • Approved for Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations

With millions of users all over the world, you know it’s reliable. The HP 12c. The smart choice because it’s the industry’s choice. The calculator that more professionals rely on. The HP 12c so precise that the calculator received certification by the federal Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology). Hence, HP 12c’s results were legally accurate for the banking industry.

The algorithms used in the HP 12c to perform calculations such as bond interest andpartial payments on home mortgages were critical if the calculator was to be trusted by the financial world and meet the international standards. At the time of designing the HP 12c, HP consulted with experts from various countries to be certain that the calculator would work in markets using different methods of calculation all over the world. HP worked with William Kahan, UC Berkeley professor of mathematics, electrical engineering and computer science, to develop and test the complex algorithms.

HP 12c tutorial:

  1. On 06-Dec-2019, C.R. wrote: 
    Are new HP-12C gold calculators made in the United States or China. I have heard of problems with newer ones made in China. I have had a HP-12C gold since 1984 and has worked well until a year ago when keys started entering same digit twice.
    Your reply to C.R.

  2. On 02-Jun-2017, Steve wrote: 
    Years ago, I used to buy replacement feet pads for the hp12c from educalc, I think, if memory serves me correctly. I do not find the available on this site. Does anyone know of a current source ? Thank you.
    Your reply to Steve

  3. On 28-Sep-2015, Nate wrote: 
    My display is weak and incomplete in some places and non-existent in others? Can I repair it? How?
    Your reply to Nate

  4. On 12-Mar-2015, Mike J wrote: 
    the word "begin" is displayed on my HP 12C screen and I can't get it off ,any suggestions
    Your reply to Mike J
    • On 18-Mar-2015, TL replied: 
      Press the blue function "g" key and then the "8" key. This will reset the financial functions to an ordinary annuity instead of an annuity due.
      Your reply to TL

  5. On 07-Jun-2014, John wrote: 
    Can the HP12 (gold) perform linear regression? If so, can some one provide an example to solve and the method/keystrokes for the HP!@/gold? TY.
    Your reply to John

  6. On 25-Aug-2013, KD wrote: 
    12C Problem:
    Had my batteries out of my gold 12C for over a week and needing to replace them. Have since done so with the same Duracell 303/357 - silver nitrate batteries from before. However, when batteries are installed, my display above reads: -8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8, and the display below the numbers indicates: User, f, g, BEGIN, GRAD D MY C PRGM. The unit will not turn off and none of the functions are operable. Have read the manual for resetting the memory by holding down keys simultaneously and using the ON key and releasing the X key, but still not responding. My silver sticky serial number has since fallen off and no idea of the S/N. I have owned this since 1986, so it’s probably the older model.
    Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
    Your reply to KD
    • On 28-Aug-2013, Anonymous replied: 
      Hi, Try the paperclip reset...
      Your reply to Anonymous

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In reply to TL, who on 18-Mar-2015 wrote:
Press the blue function "g" key and then the "8" key. This will reset the financial functions to an ordinary annuity instead of an annuity due.