HP 12c (platinum) - Resetting the Calculator

Sometimes a calculator will lock up or will not respond correctly. The calculator may require a reset for a variety of reasons. These resets will erase the memory on the calculator and restore the calculator’s defaults. For this reason, it is important to back up any critical data.

The easiest reset is done from the keyboard. To reset the hp 12c (HP12C) or hp 12c Platinum calculator, follow the procedures below in the order presented.

If the above reset did not restore the calculator to normal, continue to the next section.

If the HP12C calculator is still performing unexplained errors or will not turn on, it might have a static charge. This means the capacitor is full. The previous reset will not drain the capacitor. With this calculator, there are two options for draining the capacitor. The option to use is dependent upon the serial number of the calculator to be reset. The first option is a paperclip reset.

A paperclip reset can be performed on all HP 12C calculators. These calculators will have three 1.5 volt button cell batteries. Follow these steps: