HP 12c (platinum) - Getting Started

This is a brief guide to using the HP12C financial calculator. It does not replace your instruction booklet that comes with your HP12C, nor does it replace actually practicing with the calculator.

In the materials below, BOLD FACE indicates that you press a key with that label on your HP12C ; # indicates that you press a number key; f indicates that you press the yellow-orange key; and g indicates that you press the blue key.

Setting up your HP12C Calculator

To set the number of digits on the HP12C after the decimal point, press f # where # is the number of digits you want to display after the decimal point. For example, press f2 to display 2 digits after the decimal.

HP12C Financial functions

To do any calculation in finance using beginning of period payments, press [g] [BEG] on the HP12C keyboard. That will light the ‘begin’ sign in your HP12C LCD window. To get end of period payments, press [g] [END]. That will turn off the begin sign in your window.

You should use the following sign convention when you work on financial calculations:

To turn a positive number into a negative number, enter the number on your keypad and press CHS

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