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HP 40gs CAS Enabled Graphing Calculator

HP 40gs is the replacement model for the HP 40g Graphing Calculator. With CAS, HP 40gs can solve complex math, calculus, trigonometry and science problem visually. The HP 40gs Graphing Calculator is ideal for the activities and workload of students in the following courses: General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences and more. It allows you to create and store custom aplets with 256KB memory, easily share data and connect with PCs, and more. Plus, it comes with a slide-on hard cover for extra protection.

HP40GS Features:


  • 75 MHz ARM9 CPU.
  • Display size: 131 x 64 pixel.
  • 256 K Ram Memory.
  • Flash Rom (Calc BIOS can be updated).
  • Tackle the toughest problems with 600+ built-in functions!
  • Extra Built-in "Finance", "Linear Solver" and "Trianglur Solver" Aplets.
  • Has a built-in library of 29 constants and easy metric unit conversions.
  • New and improved "HP feel" keyboard.
  • Symbolic, numeric, graphic views with dynamic split screen.
  • Built-in CAS is ideal for activities and workload for students. With HP’s CAS, you get visual answers to advanced problems.
  • New Dual Serial and USB Ports for data communication - see HP CONNX340GS.
  • Power: AAA x 4 + CR2032 x 1 (commonly available from photo shops), auto power OFF in 5 minutes.
  • Dimensions: 184 x 87 x 24 mm.
  • Weight: 220 grams.
  • HP Part Number F2225AA.

HP 40gs is built for performance! Easy to use, powerful HP Graphing Calculators are designed to perform above expectations for students and professionals on all levels. These reliable calculators are equipped with easy-to-use problem solving tools, flexible connectivity and customizing options, plus award-winning HP support.

Note: The HP 40g has reached its product end-of-life (EOL). This product is no longer available for sale.

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Updated On: 18.10.03

  1. On 11-Oct-2019, David wrote: 
    I need to replace an HP-49g, what is the numeric range for the 40gs. The 35s and Prime can go from -499 to +499, the 300s+ is only +-99. What is the 40gs, I can't find it? Thanks
    Your reply to David

  2. On 16-Aug-2013, Jose wrote: 
    Where can this be purchased in the US, and at a reasonable price (is that a tall order?)? How does it compare with the less expensive Casio FX9860GII?
    Your reply to Jose
    • On 19-Aug-2013, Ron Ross replied: 
      The Casio compares to the Hp39G series and is more common and easier to find. The Hp40G is the Hp39G with CAS. CAS is NOT on the Casio 9860 calculator.
      CAS is a nice feature, but if it is not allowed, you will not be able to use in a classroom. Also the Hp 40G is very hard to find at the moment in the US. Walmart does not carry on its website and never carried retail. You might try Samson’s Cables. Hp is going to release an Hp Prime calculator in a few weeks that will surpass the features of the Hp40g series. It will also offer color.
      Both Hp and Casio tend to be less expensive than Ti. However, the Ti’s are well supported in the classroom, something to consider.
      If I were to choose between the Casio and the Hp40G, I would likely choose the Hp40G, but if I were to find a Casio 9850 slim, I would buy that (I have one). It is a pocket graphing calculator that has the screen layout as the other Casio’s. I don’t care for that, but the calculator is smaller. However, No CAS.
      Your reply to Ron Ross
      • On 20-Feb-2021, Feliciano replied: 
        In my hp40gs Graphing Calculator newly puchased from Lazada, in degree function i key-in Sin(20,10,30) "Invalid Syntax" poop-up. please advise the correct steps to get correct answer. Also if the calculator gives answer in whole degrees as 40.70833degrees how can i convert this to degree, minutes, seconds by keyboard function.
        Thank you. (Reply)

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