The is an out-dated procedure. Use this procedure instead!

The HP 39/40 (aka Conn3x) connectivity kit allows you to transfer aplets(tm), list, matrices, programs and notes from your HP39G+ (including HP39gs, HP40gs) calculator to your PC.

In order to use the HP 39/40 connectivity kit, you must have installed the HP Graphing Caluculator USB drivers (available on the CD) and have properly connected your HP 39/40 calculator to your PC using the provided USB cable.

Download the following files:

When you plug in the HP calculator, the computer will prompt you ‘Found New Hardware Wizard’. Follow the wizard by click the Next button. When prompted ‘File Needed’, type C:UsbDriver and then click Ok.

To use the HP 39/40 connectivity kit, connect your HP 39/40 to your PC, turn it on and start the HP 39/40 connectivity kit.

In order to transfer date from/to the calculator to/from the PC:

  1. On the PC, Start the HP Calculator Connectivitiy Kit.


  2. If this a grey box instead of the usual explorer, then there may be a connection error. Use the procedure below to establish a proper link up:

    • the calculator is turned on

    • the calculator is properly connected to the PC

    • the USB drivers are installed

    • The battery in the calculator are good

      Then, disconnect the calculator from the PC for 5 second and reconnect it. You should then be able to select HPx9G+.

  3. Turn on the Communication Log by clicking on the Log button.

    connx log

  4. On the PC, select the directory where the program is located

    C:|3GP etris2|9G-40G

  5. To receive data/program from the PC: On the calculator, Press {Shift} {Program} and press the [RECV] option. The select the ‘Disk drive’ option and select ’ OK ‘.


    ‘Preparing to get program’ and the following screen will appear.


  6. Select [ OK ] and it will prompt for a file name. Select [ CHOOS ] and then Select [OK] to pick ‘TETRI20.000’.


    You will notice the log form on the PC displaying the communication status. Upon completion, press the {APLET} button, and the following will be display.


    Select Tetris2 and then press the [ START ] button and have fun!