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HP Quick Calc - A compact, stylish and simple-to-use solution for your quick calculations on-the-go, at home or in the office. Quick Calc has a unique horizontal shape and durable metal faceplate. Quick Calc sticks to your file cabinet, refrigerator or any metal surface.

HP Easy Calc 100 - This simple calculator is ideal for basic math and everyday calculations. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide, with big comfortable buttons. Come in bright and attractive for classroom, home or office. Easy to carry in a backpack or your briefcase.

HP Office Calc 100 - The HP OfficeCalc 100 has the functions you need for quick calculations at your office desk. It comes with a large 10-digit screen, stylish design, and energy efficiency.

HP Office Calc 200 - The HP OfficeCalc 200 has a BIG 14-digit screen and and large keys that is easy on the eyes. It comes with a time-saving scrollable "Check-and-Correct" feature. Simple to set decimal place and total round-up or round-down that makes it ideal for your retail sales counter.

HP Office Calc 300 - Beautify your desk or sales counter with the smart and elegant design that enhances your workspace. Adjust the tilt of the BIG 14-digit screen to view your work easily and comfortably. It comes with a time-saving scrollable "Check-and-Correct" feature. Simple to set decimal place and total round-up or round-down that makesit ideal for your retail sales counter.

HP Print Calc 100 - HP PrintCalc 100 is the stylish solution for a swift calculations. You can quickly figure sales tax, margin, currency conversion and grand totals. It has a unique and lightweight design with large, 12-digit, angled display. Most importantly, it provides a capability to create a hard copy for a permanent record of your calculations.

New Range of Lifestyle and Office Calculators from HP. HP Calculators for a simpler life. And trust HP to makes them dependable and accurate.

Updated On: 20.06.12

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  1. On 26-May-2021, Gilles wrote: 
    I'm looking for a HP PrintCalc 200, not the PrintCalc 100. Could you provide this model ?
    Thank you
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    • On 13-Jul-2021, Gilles replied: 
      Hello, someone would have any information on this calculator HP PrintCalc 200 ?
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