HP PrintCalc 100


HP PrintCalc 100 Specifications:

Display: 12 Digits.

LCD Digit size: 16 x 4 mm.

Display Area: 75 x 24 mm.

Printer: 1 color, 1.4 lines/sec, paper width 58 mm.

Unit Weight: 278 grams.

Entry-system logic: Algebraic.

Business/finance functions: Mark-up/Mark-down (MU), Percentage, Grand Total (GT).

Memory calculations: MRC, M-, M+.

Tax calculations: (RATE, +Tax, -Tax).

Math functions: Sign change, plus, divide, minus, multiply, square root, rounding section.

Added features: Replay function, double zero key.

Power: 4 AA batteries or optional AC-DC 5 volts adapter.

Auto-power off: 5 minutes.

What is in the HP PrintCalc 100 box: Calculator with 4 AA batteries, user guide, and a roll of paper.