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HP 9g Graphing Calculator

The HP 9g is an simple and easy-to-use graphic and scientific calculator . Take it with you, when a larger PC is too much to carry. Or enjoy its easy on-off, quick calculation of vexing problems. Solve your favorite math and science problems, at school, at the lab, or on the road. It has memory functions for storing and retrieving data and 2 clear memory options.

  • simple to use graphing key
  • split screen for equations and graphing
  • graphing button
  • competitive pricing
  • quick and easy metric conversions for various measurement types, number system conversions and 20 physical constants
  • split screen for equations and graphing makes it ideal for students
  • 4 basic operations (+, -, *, /) to solve wide range of problems (fraction calculation with decimal conversions, logs, powers, roots of equations, one button positive and negative sign change key, percentage and pi keys)
  • enables fixing number of decimal points displayed
  • edit one and two variable statistics, calculate permutations, combinations, factorials, logical functions and a range of math function features at the push of a button
  • works in a variety of system nodes rectangular and polar, also degrees, radians and gradients
  • converts data to and from degrees, minutes and seconds as well
  • has memory functions for storing and retrieving data and 2 clear memory options
  • protective cover.
  • HP 9g is a fully programmable calculator.
  • Suitable for math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, physical sciences, biology, chemistry and physics.
  • HP Part Number F2222A.

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Updated On: 13.09.15

  1. On 20-Jun-2018, Yeow Heng wrote: 
    Does anyone here know where I can get my HP 9g calculator LCD screen replaced? Some rows of pixels have become dead.
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