HP9G User Introduction

A quick way to return to the standard settings is to perform a Memory Clear (refer to the learning module Clearing, Editing and Correcting), but

note that this will clear all of the calculator memory: press the sequence {2nd} {RESET} {Right Arrow} {Enter} and select “Y” - HP9G response with “MEM CLEARED”.

But remember, DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO KEEP ANY PROGRAMS, EQUATIONS OR DATA THAT ARE IN YOUR CALCULATOR. If you want to keep what is in memory but return the settings to their original values, you will have

to change the settings one by one.

The HP 9g uses the letters A through Z as the names of variables. When a key is pressed that needs a letter after it, the annunciator A is shown at the bottom of the screen. Special symbols are used to show the sequence of keystrokes that perform the calculation. The four cursor keys, up,

down, left and right,