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HP 10bII+ Emulator

This emulator is able to run on all versions of Microsoft Windows. It has been tested to work with MacOS*, Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 and Linux* computers.

*  with Wine compatibility layer installed.

  1. Hewlett-Packard Calculator Training Page -  emulator download site.
  2. ⇩ Download from Cached Archive (filesize 6MB) 201212.10 Build 19045
  3. or our tertiary download at

After installing the HP 10bII+ Emulator. Run Emulator from Start > Programs > HP Calculators > HP 10bII+ Virtual Calculator

To setup the emulator to use the least space on your notebook PC screen, right click on hp logo, uncheck "Hide TitleBar".

To exit Emulator, press [Gold Shift] [Off].

Updated On: 20.06.11

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  1. On 16-May-2021, Thusi wrote: 
    I keep getting the wrong answers. N=7; I/YR=12; PV=15000. What the calc gives is -16082.03 and it should be -33160.22 Any settings I am missing?
    Your reply to Thusi
    • On 13-Jun-2021, Alfred Pennyworth replied: 
      Your calculator is set to monthly payments by default. Reset the calculator by pressing [Red Shift] and [C ALL], [1] [Red Shift] [P/YR] [Red Shift] [C ALL]. Your calculator should now be inline with text books etc.
      Good luck with the villains Dark Knight ;)
      Your reply to Alfred Pennyworth

  2. On 04-Mar-2021, Jia wrote: 
    Hi, i fail to download from all 3 link given. I am a mac user and when i downloaded from Cache Archive, my mac pop up a message saying that "You can't open the application because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on macOS"
    Your reply to Jia

  3. On 25-Jan-2021, Anonymous wrote: 
    I am unable to download the emulator. I require it to complete a mandatory course.
    Your reply to Anonymous

  4. On 22-Jan-2021, Osvaldo wrote: 
    Excelente! Todo revisado con "Avira" sin problemas, todos los archivos totalmte limpios de virus. Funciona perfecto. Muchas gracias desde Argentina.
    Your reply to Osvaldo

  5. On 13-Sep-2020, George wrote: 
    The HP 10bII training page does not work. "404 - File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."
    Your reply to George
    • On 14-Feb-2021, Darryl replied: 
      I am getting the same error? did you figure out what to do?
      Your reply to Darryl

  6. On 09-Sep-2020, Helen wrote: 
    Why I could not download the calculator for my PC with windows 10. Anyone can help?
    Your reply to Helen
    • On 09-Sep-2020, Anonymous replied: 
      Try using a different browser like Firefox to download or use another computer to download then copy the file to a flash drive. Then transfer that drive to your computer to install the emulator.
      Your reply to Anonymous

  7. On 16-Aug-2020, Linda wrote: 
    Hi, can anyone help me create the shortcut for the calculator on desktop on Mac? I can't seem to do it
    Your reply to Linda
    • On 16-Aug-2020, Anonymous replied: 
      Hi, you have to install Wineskin Winery first... [URL]
      Your reply to Anonymous

  8. On 07-Jun-2020, Ryan wrote: 
    I've been using it to teach my students on my Mac with WineBottler. However, after the Catalina update, this program (32-bit) quit working. Is there any way I can use it for my teaching?

    Your reply to Ryan
    • On 07-Jun-2020, Anonymous replied: 
      Do try using Wineskin Winery (1.8.4) to launch the emulator. It works with MacOS (10.15) Catalina. Wineskin Winery is available at [URL]
      Your reply to Anonymous
      • On 11-Oct-2020, Ryan replied: 
        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! I wish I came back here much earlier. I have tried to find other ways to execute the file such as CrossOver, but this is a simple and easy way to use the HP10BII+. Thank you! (Reply)

  9. On 24-May-2020, Andrzej Fesnak wrote: 
    Why I can't download hp10BII Plus emulator?
    Your reply to Andrzej Fesnak
    • On 26-May-2020, Peter replied: 
      Oops, the tertiary download was down. It should be ok now.
      Your reply to Peter

  10. On 19-Sep-2019, Tom wrote: 
    how can one get instruction on how to use it
    Your reply to Tom

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