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HP 17bII+ Financial Calculator

Built-in Financial Functions:

  • Time Value of Money (TVM), amortization, internal rate of return, net present value, bonds, depreciation, forecasting, currency conversions (including Euro), percentages, algebraic and RPN calculations, and more.
  • HP Solve application write and solve equations for any variable without rewriting your original equation.
  • Menus, prompts, and messages access applications and find solutions easily with a minimum of keystrokes.
  • List-based, two variable statistics and forecasting, and clock with alarms review your calculations through data kept in lists. Scroll through and edit as the information changes and always keep on time!
  • Increased user memory of 28k for use with cash flows, sum, equations, solver variables, calculating lines and appointment messages.
  • Finance, real estate, accounting and business professionals are able to calculate mortgages, balloon payments, depreciation, bond yields, internal rate of returns, net present values, currency conversions for a real powerful workhorse.
  • HP Part Number F2234A.

HP 17bII+ References:

RPN is an efficient data-entry system that can significantly reduce keystrokes.

HP Solve is a time saving application exclusive to HP calculators that allows you to solve equations for any variable without re-writing your equation.

  1. On 11-Nov-2021, Syaiful wrote: 
    I would like to Request for Quotation for Financial calculator (HP 17bll+).. Can you help me
    Your reply to Syaiful

  2. On 29-Oct-2019, Carlos wrote: 
    Hi, what's the difference between the HP 17BII+ and the discontinuos HP 19BII? Thanks.
    Your reply to Carlos

  3. On 10-Sep-2019, Vincent wrote: 
    Hi, do you all sell this calculator? If not, could you point me to a reseller that does please?
    Your reply to Vincent
    • On 10-Sep-2019, Peter Tong replied: 
      Hi Vincent, in Singapore you can contact reseller like Seasound (Tel +65-62228449) located in Raffles Place. If in Malaysia, you can contact Mr KS Tay of G2 (+603-80628449).
      Your reply to Peter Tong

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In reply to Syaiful, who on 11-Nov-2021 wrote:
I would like to Request for Quotation for Financial calculator (HP 17bll+).. Can you help me