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HP 10bII+ Plus Self Test

Press [ON] [PMT] at the same time.

It should show " 1 5crEEn " on the display.

Press [+] to move down the list.

1 Screen

2 Keyboard

3 Checksum

4 battery

5 version

6 copyright

7 test sys

8 Slow clk

Stop at the respective option and press [=].

1 Screen -lights up all segments, icons, display

2 Keyboard - at the end of the test, yields "Good"

3 Checksum - yields 244.244  Basically the numbers before and after should match (one is the calculated number, the other is the number put in the flash to compare against). Note: some variant may yield 118.118 or 96.096, these are good too.

4 battery - 3.500

5 version - 7-13-2010

6 copyright - HP 2010 then 1,752

7 test sys - pressing = turns test sys off

8 Slow clk (clock?) SC -28,500.00

If you suspect the calculator is giving a wrong answer, it could be TVM compounding settings.  HP 10bII+ is factory set to assume monthly compounding (12/Yr). To follow some examples, you may need to set annual compounding (1/Yr).  You can set it here or another slightly more detailed writeup here.

If you still not getting the desired answer, you could try resetting your HP 10bII+ calculator.

Updated On: 16.12.19

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  1. On 04-Feb-2018, Arsh wrote: 
    Hi I am entering this sequence 1151.65 PMT 60 INPUT Ammort === it’s giving me 69,099.00 instead of 161,706.07
    Your reply to Arsh

  2. On 22-Oct-2016, Anonymous wrote: 
    checksum i get 181.181
    Your reply to Anonymous

  3. On 10-Aug-2016, Tanya wrote: 
    Hi! I also have a checksum of 96.096 and am getting incorrect answers to questions. Can anyone help?
    Your reply to Tanya
    • On 25-Aug-2016, Peter Tong replied: 
      Try this...
      [URL] www.educalc.net/141163.page
      to setup the calculator.
      Your reply to Peter Tong
      • On 04-Oct-2016, Zola replied: 
        Hi All,
        My calculator have the same error that checksum is 96.096. I did reset but it's still not sorted out. What should I do? (Reply)

  4. On 04-Feb-2016, Anonymous wrote: 
    It should be noted that to exit the test, press ON and FV at the same time.
    Your reply to Anonymous

  5. On 08-Mar-2015, Dylan wrote: 
    I went through the test and looks like everything came out good except checksum: was 96.096 and battery was: 3.000. What does this mean? I have been having a hard time coming up with correct answers on questions.
    Your reply to Dylan
    • On 10-Aug-2016, Tanya replied: 
      Hi Dylan - did you ever sort out why your checksum was at 96.096? Mine is as well and is not producing correct answers. Thanks!
      Your reply to Tanya
      • On 04-Oct-2016, Zola replied: 
        Hi Tanya,
        Did you sort out your problem? I have the same error and reset several times and won't work. DId you sort it out? (Reply)
      • On 05-Oct-2016, Hi Zola replied: 
        I did, yes. It was a setting of some sort. I called the 1-800 phone number for help and they walked me through fixing it real quick! (Reply)
    • On 04-Oct-2016, Zola replied: 
      Hi Dylan.How did you fix your problem? Please advise.
      Your reply to Zola

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