One important setting that can cause problems is the periods per year setting. To check the current setting, press [Gold shift] and [C ALL]. The calculator will display for periods per year. The calculator comes pre-set at 12 periods per year; that is, it assumes calculations will be done on a monthly basis. However, accounting and finance textbook problems generally use 1 period/year. To change to 1/year:

Press [Gold shift] [C ALL] and then press 1 [Gold Shift] [P/YR]….

Now the calculator is set to assume 1 period/year. To confirm this setting, press and hold [Gold Shift] [C ALL]. Unless needed for other work, we generally leave the calculator setting at 1 period per year.

To set this back to default value, press 1 2 [Gold shift] [P/YR].

Note: To verify that this is set correctly, press [Gold Shift] [C ALL], the calculator will display “12 P_Yr” for about 2 seconds.

NOTE: The factory default settings is “12 P_Yr”. For new HP 10bII user, do visit the following link… HP 10bII Primer