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Switch Periods and Commas Display

If your HP10bii display 1.000,00 instead of 1,000.00 you can use the the following keystroke to reversed periods and commas settings.

Press the gold shift key
and then press the ,/. key (3rd key on the bottom of the keyboard).

Many European countries use a , convention that is just the opposite to the rest of the world.

Reference: Display Setting

Updated On: 12.12.27

  1. On 02-Feb-2021, Anonymous wrote: 
    thanks. You saved me from going out to buy a new one. I thought it was broken...
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  2. On 18-Aug-2020, Anonymous wrote: 
    Many Thanks for the easy instructions!
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  3. On 25-Feb-2019, Jkjk wrote: 
    thank you
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  4. On 13-Feb-2019, Mr Zhou wrote: 
    My calculator can’t switch on. It’s new what must we do.
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  5. On 05-Nov-2018, Anonymous wrote: 
    Calculator has no gold color shift key only orange or blue
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  6. On 08-May-2015, Anonymous wrote: 
    what is the difference between a , or a . with this calculator please?
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  7. On 30-Jan-2015, Anonymous wrote: 
    Thank you so much!
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