Enter 5555.5555

To change decimals from 2 to 4, press ‘gold shift’ DISP 4: 5,555.5555 is displayed.

To change from 4 places to 2, press ‘gold shift’ DISP 2: 5,555.56 is displayed.

We usually set the display to 2 places, which is especially convenient when working with dollars and percentages. However, we often use 4 places when dealing with interest rates and rates of return that are entered as decimals.

If periods and commas are reversed, press ‘gold shift’ ./, (Many European countries use a ./, convention that is just the opposite of ours.)

Note that PEND means something is pending. For example, press 4 / The calculator is waiting for the denominator, so PEND appears in the display.

Enter 6 and = to get 0.67.

Press ‘gold shift’ DISP 4 to see 0.6667.

Press ‘gold shift’ DISP 2 to shift back to 2 decimal places.

To control the brightness of the display, hold down ON and press + or -.