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Quick and easy-to-use calculating solutions

HP's expanded calculator portfolio delivers HP reliability in convenient, easy-to-use solutions. New calculators include:

  • HP OfficeCalc series - Stylish desktop offerings for simple calculations at users' desks or sales counters; ideal for office or retail workers who need to quickly and accurately calculate items such as mark-up percentages, sales totals and taxes.
  • HP PrintCalc - Ideal for small business owners that make quick calculations requiring receipts or documentation
  • HP QuickCalc - Geared toward students and adults alike with a compact size that allows users to keep it handy for on-the-go calculations; available in fashionable colors and designed for quick and convenient access, it can attach to key chains and has magnetic backing to stick to refrigerators, file cabinets or any metal surface.

Updated On: 08.06.12

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