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HP 39gs

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Graphing Calculator

HP Prime

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Graphing Calculator

Approved for International Baccalaureat "IB" Exams

HP 50g

HP Most Advanced
Fully Programable
Graphing Calculator

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Engineers, teachers and students who depend on their Hewlett-Packard Graphing Calculators. They trust the recognized leader in graphing calculator technology. HP provides a complete line of graphing calculators that is designed to exceed the user's need for functionality and performance, offering advantages. You can always rely on Hewlett-Packard's exemplary standards of quality and durability in every HP Graphing Calculator.

Updated On: 15.02.26

  1. On 31-Mar-2017, Always wrote: 
    Your reply to Always

  2. On 31-Mar-2017, Ajwa wrote: 
    Your reply to Ajwa

  3. On 27-Mar-2017, Vince wrote: 
    Does Educalc support the 50G?
    Your reply to Vince

  4. On 11-Mar-2017, Vincent wrote: 
    My 50G doesn't graph anymore: I need to know why and what I can do about it?
    Your reply to Vincent

  5. On 30-Nov-2016, Da wrote: 
    Which shop sell HP Prime Graphing Calculator
    Your reply to Da

  6. On 25-Jul-2016, Anonymous wrote: 
    What is cost of HP50g? W/S&H
    Your reply to Anonymous

  7. On 04-Feb-2015, Vince wrote: 
    I just bought 3 rolls of 2.25" printer paper for my HP 82240B printer and contrary to the advice I was given the printer does not print with fresh battery. I need to know why and what I can do about it?
    Your reply to Vince
    • On 27-Feb-2015, Ron replied: 
      Another consideration, is the paper feeding with the thermal face (shiny side) to the print head. Thermal paper only has one print side.
      On a worse note, your printer could be dead. The thermal head could have failed, although the batteries don't really have enough power to kill the unit, it does have a power jack and someone could have plugged in a higher voltage source or a reverse voltage. That sometimes will ruin these types of printers.
      Hope you can get it working.
      Your reply to Ron
      • On 28-Feb-2015, Vince replied: 
        I have never used an transformer for this printer. How do I test the printer so that if the print head is burned out I will know that is the specific problem? I have always used the shiny side for printing.

  8. On 27-Oct-2014, Howard wrote: 
    The USB HP50G driver worked under Windows8.0. It no longer works under Windows8.1. Any suggestions?
    Your reply to Howard

  9. On 30-May-2014, Bernard wrote: 
    I want to take a screen shot of my HP50G and dowload it on my computer. How to do that ? Thanks
    Best regards
    Your reply to Bernard

  10. On 06-Nov-2013, Vince wrote: 
    why doesn’t Educalc market stands and plastic hard cases for the HP 50G?
    Your reply to Vince

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