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HP Scientific Calculators
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HP 10s+

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HP 300s+

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HP 35s

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Whether you are just starting out on the road to knowledge, or you are already stepped in the worlds of science and math, a HP scientific calculator is your indispensable ally to break the boundaries of your thinking and your work.

Updated On: 18.10.19

  1. On 24-Apr-2020, Alfred wrote: 
    I have been using HP calculators for 60 years and would use nothing but RPN input - recommend that school children are introduced to RPN at their first calculator rather than wait till high school or later.
    Your reply to Alfred

  2. On 22-Mar-2020, Anonymous wrote: 
    A caterpillar is currently valued at Ghȼ70,350.00. If it loses 12% of its value at the beginning of each year,
    find its value after three and half years. ii. Find the depreciation after 3 years.
    Your reply to Anonymous

  3. On 06-Nov-2018, Max Weston wrote: 
    I have a 48Gx calculator which I purchased approx 25 years ago and its not working (won't turn on) can I send it to someone to get it looked at.
    I live in Davao Philippines.
    Your reply to Max Weston

  4. On 09-Nov-2012, Gielie wrote: 
    Im looking for HP 18Gplus cant find any
    Your reply to Gielie
    • On 28-Aug-2013, Ron replied: 
      There used to be an Hp 18c, a business calculator. That is the only Hp 18 calculator that I KNOW OF. You could also be looking for an Hp 38G, which is quite a bit different. Neither are similar, so you will need to be specific as to which you actually are looking for.
      An Hp18c is the forerunner to the Hp 19b which is also discontinued. It is a business calculator, however an Hp17Bii is still available and very similar aside from the wallet type layout of the Hp 18c.
      The Hp38G is a graphing calculator and also discontinued. It does have a modern, better replacement of an Hp39Gs.
      Your reply to Ron
    • On 25-Nov-2014, Ron replied: 
      Perhaps you meant the Hp 48Gplus. It is no longer available new. However, it can be found used, if you expand your search to the plain 48G, you will certainly find one. The difference is less memory. There is a GX version that can take expansion cards, but is even more expensive than the 48Gplus. The new replacement is the HP 50G and it is a nice upgrade. Nearly as good of keyboard, although the enter key is shrunk and moved to lower right corner.
      Your reply to Ron

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