HP39G+ CPU 75Mhz ARM9

HP39G+ Display size 131 x 64 pixels 7 lines x 33 characters + 2 lines header + 1 line of menu, LCD Display Type, LCD 131 x 64 pixels dot matrix + indicators, Contrast Adjustable.

HP39G+ System logic: Entry-system logic Algebraic, Built-in functions 600+, Menus, prompts, Internal precision 15 digits.

HP39G+ Memory 200KB user, 256KB total

HP39G+ Connectivity via IR port IrDA, Connectivity USB.

HP39G+ Input with Keyboard Numbers, Letters, Beeper On/off

HP39G+ Power System: AAA x 3 + CR2032, Power off Memory protection, Battery life about 2 months, Auto power off Approximately 5 minutes.

HP39G+ Physical characteristics: Weight 220 grams, 7.7 ounces; Size (L × W × D) 184.0 × 87.0 × 23.5 mm, 7.2 × 3.4 × .09 in

HP39G+ both key top and enclosure were made from hard plastic material.

HP39G+ Subject Suitability: General math, Pre-Algebra/Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth sciences.

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