HP 39gs E-Lessons on the go

Hewlett-Packard introduced the HP 39gs graphing calculator, which features a hip design and multiple connectivity options, including wireless. HP 39gs feature a modern white and grey look and clean lines are designed to appeal to its teenage audience.

new hp39gsThe powerful calculator is an ideal JC (Junior Colleges) classroom tool that allows students and teachers to tackle complex mathematics problem and perform other sophisticated operations. The HP 39gs has a built-in infrared communications (limited to a range of 10cm) to wirelessly share data and applications with other HP calculators (HP38g, HP39g, HP39g+) as well as convenient, industry-standard USB and serial ports that enable students and teachers to save or download programs to a computer.

One of the most important feature of the HP 39gs is the built-in memory which allows users to create applications and to save their work - such as notes, sketches, equations, formulas, graphs and Aplets (E-Lessons) - on the calculator for later use. In addition, it comes with a suite of built-in Aplet library allows students to learn and explore different mathematical operations at their own pace.