Menu type function selection

Graph Trace, Plot, Range, Factor, LINE, G < > T, Zoom Org, Zoom x f, Zoom x 1/f, X < > Y, CLS

Program number: 400 bytes, Up to 10 paragraphs of program, INST, =, <=, >=. #, <, >, Alphabetical function key: A~Z, [ ], { }, CL/ESC

Statistical function: 1-variable and 2-variable statistics, Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential, Power, Inverse, and Quadratic regression, Bar graph, Normal distribution curve, Data clear

Base-n function: Binary, Octal, Decimal, and Hexadecimal number calculation and conversion

Math function key: MAX, MIN, SUM, INT, Frac., AVG, SGN, ABS, Permutation and Combination, Factorial, RAND, RANDI, RND

System: Internal up to 24 digits precision, half screen dot matrix graph display:

EDIT - undo recover last letter or word deleted, DEL key, 4-arrow key: key repeat, Display of error message description, Clear display expression, Implied multiplication with auto correction

Memory: 26-Independent memory, Sum to memory, Store and clear variable A ~ Z, Recall variable, Store to memory, Recall memory, Memory expansion: A ~ Z

Mathematical function: Trigonometric, Inverse-Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Polar-Rectangular coordinate conversion, Power, Square root, Square, Cube root, Third power

Reciprocal, Logarithmic and, Exponential, Natural logarithmic and Exponential

Fraction mode: A b/c and d/c conversion, Fraction, Decimal conversion, Fraction memory, INT / Fraction part

20-physics constants

ENG symbol function key: 2nd function key, Mode key, ENTER key, RESET mode.