Takes less than 3 minutes!

Here is the procedure:

  1. Download the HP50g ROM update.
  2. Copy the files: ?????.bin and update.scp that should be located in the zip folder into a SD card formatted in FAT File System (not FAT32).
  3. On the calculator, Press and hold the + and - Button and press on the RESET button using a paper clip or other blunt object.
  4. Release the RESET button, wait 2 second and release the + and - keys. Your calculator screen should display the update and self test menu.
  5. Insert the SD card (upside down) in the calculator.
  6. Press on 1 (Update ROM CODE)
  7. Press on 2 (Update from SD CARD)
  8. The calculator should start updating the ROM (you will see flashing messages telling you about the update process). This should take around 1 minute.
  9. When the upgrade is finish (the calculator displays: ‘Update Finish, waiting for reset’), press the reset button, your calculator has been upgraded.

On Step 7 if you get the message ‘NO CARD, OR ERROR’, your SD Card maybe a capacity that is greater than the calculator (with boot version 3.19 or smaller) can handle or SD is not formatted to FAT File System. Try using a smaller capacity SD Card or reformat the card to FAT File System.

Using PC to reformat SD card to FAT File System:

This procedure is applicable for HP49g+.