Time Value of Money on HP 33s

Given any four of the five values in the ‘Time Value of Money equation’ (TVM), you can solve for the fifth value. This equation is useful in a wide variety of financial applications such as consumer and home loans and savings accounts.


The signs of the cash values (balance, B; payment, P; and future balance, F) correspond to the direction of the cash flow. Money that you receive has a positive sign while money that you pay has a negative sign. Note that any problem can be viewed from two perspectives. The lender and the borrower view the same problem with reversed signs.

The TVM equation requires that I must be non zero to avoid a divided by zero error. If you’re solving for I and aren’t sure of its current value, press 1 store before you begin the SOLVE calculation. The order in which you’re prompted for values depends upon the variable you’re solving for.