HP 40gs Emulator

Download HP40GS Emulator from Cached Archive (file size ~11MB) 2012.12.06 Version 3.1.29

Known issues:

Export Statistics Data - This error only occurs in Windows XP! When a user tries to export the statistics data, the pop-up window does not show any data. If the user saves the file storing the statistics data, then it will save the correct values to the file. The user can then open the statistics file that they saved and see the data.

Installation: If uninstalled while the emulator program is running, the emulator will not auto close and some files will not be deleted through the uninstall process; they will have to be manually deleted. This error has no impact on the function of the calculator emulator, but if the user is trying to clean up their files they may see some files still exist after uninstalling the emulator.