HP 50g Graphing Calculator Specifications

Electronic specifications:

Material specifications:

Operating features:

Entry Logic: Algebraic / RPN / textbook; Menus, prompts; Alpha messages; Soft-keys; Numerical precision: intermediate and internal: 15 digits, exponent: -49999 to +49999; Displayed precision: 12 digits, exponent: -499 to +499, infinite for integers (limited by memory); Additional applications available on Internet.


Flash ROM for future electronic software upgrades; RAM 512 KB + 2 MB flash ROM; Redefinable menu keys; Redefinable keyboard (user mode); Peripherals; Supports libraries / RPL programs.

Vector operations:

Rectangular / polar; Matrix operations: Includes symbolic matrices; Matrix editor.

Graphing features:

2-D function, polar, parametric plot; 3-D, differential equation, bar plot; Histogram, scatter plot; Find: intersect, extremum, slope, area; Zoom, trace, co-ordinates, shade.

Math features:

+, -, x, ÷, v, 1/x, +/-, In, ex, xvy; yx, LOG, 10x, x2, %, p, n!; Fractions; Degrees, radians or grads mode; Trigonometric functions / inverses; Hyperbolics / inverses; HP Solve application (root finder); Numeric Iintegration; Symbolic integration; Numeric differentiation; Symbolic differentiation; Complex number functions; Polynomial root finder, Taylor series; Absolute value, round; Integer & fractional part of a number; Modulo function, floor, ceiling; CAS system.

Scientific features:

Decimal hr / hr min sec conversions; Polar / rectangular conversions; Angle conversions; Base conversions and arithmetic; Unit conversions; Bit, boolean, graphics; Display and printer graphics; Built-in equation library.

Statistical features:

Ex, S x2, S y, S y2, S xy; Sample standard deviation, mean; Population standard deviation; Linear regression; Combinations, permutations; Weighed mean; Edit, save, name, list; Curve fit (LIN, LOG, EXP, POW); Plot statistical data; Hypothesis tests; Confidence intervals.

Programming features:

Root finder: HP Solve; Number of steps / regs or bytes: 1.2 MB; Number of programs / formulae: ++; Levels of subroutines: ++; Branching

Flags: 256; Alpha prompts in programs; Input forms, alpha string manipulation; Indirect addressing; Index looping; Alpha listing; HP Equation library, over 300 physics equations and graphics.