Programmable calculator and page-width printer


The 9815 is Hewlett-Packard’s newest member in the 9800Series desk-top programmable calculators. It features a built-in high speeddata cartridge, a 16-character alphanumeric thermal printer, an auto-start switch,programming keys that double as special function keys, and two optional I/Ochannels. These capabilities allow the 9815 to be used in four basic ways:

1. Quick keystroke calculations - 28 built-in scientificfunctions along with the powerful Reverse Polish Notion Logic System used bythe HP pocket calculators, a buffered keyboard, large display, and readablepermanent printout, provide you with advanced problem solving at yourfingertips.

2. Dedicated problem solving - Hewlett-Packard offersseveral software packages which include a pre-recorded cartridge, specialfunction key overlay, and easy-to-follow instructions for each program. All youdo is set the switch to auto-start, slip in the cartridge, put the overlay inplace. and turn on the 9815. The first file will be automatically loaded andthe program executed. The tedious set-up work is done for you.

3. Programmable problem solving - The standard 9815 includes472 program steps and 10 data registers and can be expanded to 2008 steps. Thememory can be allocated by you into any combination of program steps and dataregisters you wish. The programming language includes such sophisticatedfeatures as FOR-NEXT loops: symbolic, absolute or calculated addresses;automatic address updating during editing: descriptive error messages: andsubroutines nested to 7 deep. The 9815 has the programming power and memoryflexibility to handle many of your most complex computational problems.

4. Interfacing - The 9815 has five interface cards. The HP98131 A is a 9871A Page-Width Printer Interface Card. The HP 98132A is aninterface card for the 9862A Plotter. The HP 98133A BCD I/O requires 8-digit BCD input with high speed mode and 8-bit parallel output. The HP 98134A generalI/O is a bidirectional 8-bit parallel interface which enables you to connect tothe 9800 Series calculator peripherals. The HP 98135A HP-lB I/O will accept upto 14 HP-IB interconnected instruments. Once you have set up your system. the9815 can be used to control the data flow to and from your instruments whilegathering and processing that data.


The HP 9871 A is a new page-width impact printer for usewith the 9800 Series programmable calculators. It features a bidirectionalcarrier and platen which holds paper up to 15 inches wide and can handle up to6 part forms. The 9871 prints at 30 characters per second and sill print up to132 columns at 10 characters per inch. It includes a 160 character buffer whichautomatically fills if characters are received faster than the print rate.

Plotting and form filling

The 987 IA has a 96-character interchangeable printing discwhich is externally programmable along with such functions as space, backspace.carrier return, horizontal and vertical tabs, line feed and reverse line feed,top of form, and form length. These programmable functions along with thebidirectional motions of the platen provide you plotting capabilities forcharts and graphs and simplifies form filling.

Physical Dimension

Height: 73/, inches Width: 221/4 inches Depth: 151/, inches Weight: 37 pounds

Options and accessories

The optional form feed mechanism helps give you clearmultiple copies and is recommended for continuous feed or Z-fold paper.

You can choose from three print wheels:

The accessories supplied with the 9871 are:

Model number and name

9815A Desk-top Programmable Calculator

9871A Page-Width Impact Printer


Measurement + Computation Catalogue 1976