Calculator peripherals

CRT subsystem

The 9882A CRT Subsystem consists of a HP 2640A CRT Terminaland a 9830A Calculator Interface Card.

Line printer

The 9881A Line Printer Subsystem consists of the 2607A LinePrinter which is a reliable, low-cost, 5 X 7 dot-matrix printer. Its uniqueprint mechanism makes it quiet enough for any business environment and providesup to 6 consistent, clean copies. It prints at 200 lines/minute regardless ofthe line length and has full 132-column line width. The 9881 includes the HP11287A Line Printer Interface Card.

Thermal printer

For high quality, hard-copy output. the 9866A ThermalPrinter is hard to beat. Its 250 lines/minute speed is equivalent to 3,600words/minute. It produces page-width, fully-formatted, alphanumeric text,tables, or simple plots.

X-Y Plotter

The 9862A X-Y Plotter with a peripheral control functionblock automatically scales your data, generates words as well as numbers, andsets up both axes, complete with labels and tick marks - all in your designatedunits.


HP offers many interface cards designed for those customerswho desire to build custom, calculator-controlled instrumentation systems.These cards are:

Model number and name

9862A X-Y Plotter

9866A Thermal Printer

988IA Line Printer Subsystem 9882A CRT Subsystem

11202A 8-bit Parallel I/O Interface Card

11203A BCD InputInterface Card

1 l 205A Serial Interface Card

1285A Data Communications Interface and ROM

11297B Binary Synchronous ROM 11298B Interactive ROM


Measurement + Computation Catalogue 1976