Calculator peripherals

Calculator peripherals are the input/output devices that letyou tailor your programmable calculator to your specific computing requirement. -

High speed tape reader subsystem

The 9883A combines the HP 2748B Photo Reader and the HP 1I202A Option AO1 Interface Card. The 9883 optically reads tapes at 300 characters/second.

Tape punch subsystem

The 9884A combines the HP 2895B Tape Punch and the HP 11202AOption A02 Interface Card. The 9884 punches tape at 75 characters/second.

Card readers

The high-speed 9869A Hopper Card Reader handles 80-column punched cards as well as mark-sense cards. For smaller applications - the low-cost, hand-fed 9870A Card Reader optically reads mark-sense cards.

Tape cassette

The high-speed 9865A Tape Cassette lets you easily store,update. and retrieve data and programs. A fast, bidirectional search feature lets you find any file on the tape without rewinding. The 9865A has a minimumcapacity of 6,000 registers.

Paper tape reader

Data from analytical instruments, machine tools, and computer terminals goes directly into your calculator. The 9863A reads a wide variety of formats at 20 characters/second.

I/O Expander

The 9868A I/O Expander allows you to plug up to 13peripherals or test instruments into your calculator.


The 9864A Digitizer reads a curve or any irregular shape asa series of discrete points. Your HP calculator then prints out the dimensions of the line and the area of the contained shape.

Model number and name

9863A Paper Tape Reader

9864A Digitizer

9865A Tape Cassette 9868A I/O Expander 9869A Hopper Card Reader

9870A Card Reader (hand fed)

9883A High Speed Tape Reader Subsystem

9884A Tape Punch Subsystem


Measurement + Computation Catalogue 1976