Desk-top programmable calculators

The Hewlett-Packard 9830 is a general purpose, programmablecalculator designed for a wide range of applications.

The language of the 9830 is BASIC. This easy-to-use languagecouples simplicity with power and appeals to the new calculator owner as wellas the experienced programmer. The 9830 automatically inherits a comprehensiverange of proven software packages, including finance, mathematics, statistics,and education.

A minimum 9830 provides 3520 8-bit bytes (1760 words) ofuser read/write memory. This can be expanded to 15,808 bytes (7904 words). Inaddition, the user can select from a wide range of read-only-memory (ROM)plug-in blocks for increased computational capability or peripheral control, orboth: The 9830 allows up to 16K bytes of add-on ROM for a total of eightplug-in blocks.

A broad range of peripherals is available with the 9830calculator to allow the user maximum flexibility in putting together thatspecific system required to solve his problem.

The result is a cost-effective calculator that can meet yourdata handling problems today and continue meeting them as your needs expand.


Programming in BASIC

The 9830 is programmed in BASIC. a formal, interactivelanguage similar to FORTRAN. Depending on your needs, you may choose to do allyour own programming. If you’ve already been working with BASIC, you can, withminor modifications, use your existing program. Since BASIC is a standardcomputer language, you will find there are many programs already written andavailable at nominal cost.

9880B Mass memory subsystem

The HP 9880B Mass Memory Subsystem provides the HP 9830calculator with the large data storage capability required for applications.such as, payroll, account maintenance, inventory control, patient records,credit verification, and large banks of data for structural design, statisticalanalysis, and many other scientific, industrial and commercial fields.

The memory media of this peripheral is a permanentlyinstalled memory platter and an interchangeable cartridge (HP 12869A), eachhaving a capacity of 2.4 million bytes; this is the equivalent of more than600,000 total items of data of 12 digits each.

One of the main advantages of this system is data safety andsecurity. Master data can be recorded on the removable cartridge, transferredinto the calculator for manipulation, stored temporarily on the fixed memoryplatter for further use by the calculator’s program and verification prior tomodifying the master data on the removable cartridge. Also, with this system,duplication of data files is easily accomplished. Year-to-date payroll data,inventory updating, account receivables and payables updating are just a fewexamples where this dual system offers great safety of the data base andaffords the opportunity to verify the results prior to modification of masterfiles. Should an error occur, it is easily corrected by repeating the operationsince the initial data still resides on the removable memory cartridge.

In addition to providing a large amount of data storage, the 9880B Mass Memory Subsystem is fast. A 10 X 10 array can be transferred to thecartridge in about one second, and a typical 250-line program of 2000 words canbe transferred in less, than two seconds.


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