HP-22 Business Management Pocket

The HP-22 business management pocket calculator puts anideal combination of financial, mathematical and statistical functions at yourfingertips. With it, you can handle everything from simple arithmetic tocomplex time-value-of-money computations. You can even handle planning,forecasting and decision analysis. And, you can approach business problems in avariety of ways to arrive at intelligent decisions and recommendations based onfacts.

The HP-22 automatically calculates discounted cash flows;percentages: ratios: proportions: compound interest: remaining balance:annuities: depreciation; mean and standard deviation: rate of return:amortization and more.

HP-22 Specifications

Pre-programmed functions

Financial: time-value-of-money calculations involving n(number of compounding periods), i (periodic interest rate), PMT (paymentamount), PV (present value of money), FV (future value of money); simpleinterest: accumulated interest between payment periods of a loan: remainingbalance of a loan.

Statistical: mean and standard deviation: linear regression:linear estimate; summations.

Percent: %, %, percent one number is of another: percent onenumber is of a total; markups: discounts.


Memory: 10 addressable register; five financial registers:four-register operational stack.

Display: up to 10 significant digits with selectiveround-off to desired number of decimal places (0 to 9) in fixed-decimalnotation: 8 significant digits plus two-digit exponent and appropriate signs inscientific notation: indicators for improper operations, low battery.

Dynamic range: 10-99 to 10°° (200 decades).

Power: AC: 115 or 230 V. ± 10%, 50 to 60 Hz, 5 watts.Battery: 2.5Vdc nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery pack.

Dimensions: length: 13.0 cm (5.1’). Width: 6.8 cm(2.7’). Height: 3.0 cm (1.2’).

The HP-80 financial pocket calculator offers even morefinancial problem-solving power than the HP-22. With 36 separate financialfunctions, the HP-80 automatically computes bond yield and price; conversionsfrom add-on interest to APR; sum-of-the-digits depreciation schedules and Ruleof 78’s interest rebates and more ‘” plus all the financial functions of theHP-22.

In addition, the HP-80 gives you a built-in 200-yearcalendar so that you can quickly figure the exact number of days in a bond orloan transaction: mean and standard deviation: and trend-line analysis usinglinear regression.

HP-80 Financial Pocket Calculator

Pre-programmed functions

Financial: all functions of the HP-22, plus: bond yield andprice (both yield-to-maturity and yield-to-call): conversion from add-oninterest to APR: sum-of-the-digits depreciation schedules and Rule of 78’sinterest rebates.

Statistical: mean and standard deviation, trend-lineanalysis using linear regression; summations giving n, x, max.


Memory: one addressable memory: four-register operationalstack. Display: up to 10 significant digits with selective round-off to desirednumber of decimal places (0 to 6) in Fixed-decimal notation; 10 significantdigits plus two-digit exponent and appropriate signs in scientific notation:indicators for improper operations; Dynamic range: 10 a9 to 1019 (200 decades).

Power: AC: 115 or 230 V. ± 10%, >0 to 60 Hz, 5 watts.Battery: 3.75Vdc nice el-cadmium rechargeable battery pack.

Dimensions: length: 14.7 cm (5.8’). Width: 8.1 cm(3.2’). Height: 1.8 to 3.3 cm (0.7 to 1.3’).


Measurement + Computation Catalogue 1976