HP-65 is a fully programmable pocket calculator. Use it withpre-recorded magnetic program cards from HP. Or, write your own programs andstore them on magnetic cards for future use, anytime.

HP-65 Fully Programmable Pocket Calculator

Hewlett-Packard’s most advanced pocket calculator is theHP-65. a fully programmable instrument which features a built-in magnetic cardreader/writer, a 100-step program memory, 51 pre-programmed functions andoperations and nine addressable data memory registers. These capabilities allowthe HP-65 to be used in three ways:

1. With pre-recorded program cards from Hewlett-Packard. The HP-65 can be used by anyone to solve complex problems in such fields aselectrical, chemical and mechanical engineering: statistics; mathematics. Finance:Medicine: Navigation: Aviation, and Surveying. Simply select the appropriatepre-recorded program card and pass it through the HP-65 built-in card reader.Then, key in your known data and start the program running as described in theeasy-to-follow instructions provided with each program. A current catalog ofHP-65 Application Pacs, each of which contains up to 40 pre-recorded programs,can be obtained from your nearest HP pocket calculator dealer or via theattached reply card.

2. As a user-programmed calculator, the HP-65 lets you writeprograms of up to 100 steps and record them on blank magnetic cards (20supplied) for future use anywhere. anytime. Depending on your needs, a programcan be simple or complex. It can incorporate any of the pre-programmedfunctions and operations described below, plus: conditional branches based onlogic comparisons, loops and one-level subroutines. Five user-definable keyslet you execute different segments of your program directly from the keyboard.As important, the HP-65 gives you full editing capability for fast, convenientprogram modification or correction.

3. Even as a keyboard operated calculator, the HP-65 givesyou 51 pre-programmed functions and operations, nine addressable memory registerswith full register arithmetic, and Hewlett-Packard’s efficient RPN logic systemwith four-register operational stack.


Pre-programmed functions

Trigonometric (all in decimal degrees, radians, or grads):Sin x; Arc Sin r: Cos x: Arc Cos x: Tan x; Arc Tan x.

Logarithmic: Log x; Ln x: ex; 10 .

Other: y5; 1/x; ir; x2; n!; conversions between decimalangle (degrees, radians, or grads) and degrees/minutes/seconds;rectangular/polar coordinate conversion: decimal/octal integer conversion: degrees(hours)/minutes/seconds arithmetic: integer/fraction truncation, absolutevalue; full register arithmetic.

Programming features

100-step program memory: built-in magnetic cardreader/writer: five user definable keys: automatic counter; conditional branchingbad on any of four relational tests: directbranching: two flags; ability to review or execute program step-by-step;ability to add, delete or modify program steps: single-level subroutine.


Memory: nine addressable registers: four-registeroperational stack: ’last x’ register.

Display: up to 10 significant digits plus 2-digit exponentand appropriate signs; full display formatting in either fixed-decimal orscientific notation: selective round-off (0 to 9 decimal places); indicatorsfor improper operations, low battery: key-matrix program display.

Dynamic range: 10-a9 to 1099 (200 decades).

Power: AC: 115 or 230 V, +/-10%, 50 to 60 Hz, 5 watts.Battery: 3.75 Vdc nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery pack.

Dimensions: length: 14.7 cm (5.8’). Width: 8.1 cm(3.2’). Height: 1-8 to 3.4 cm (0.7 to 1.4’).

HP-65 Fully Programmable Pocket Calculator


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